My Single Moment
My Single Moment high school stories
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kishiart use short stories as a hobby
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A High School reject finds himself in a moment he could only dream of. His secret admirer may be closer than he thinks.

My Single Moment

A single moment passes before we knew it began, and this brisk passing of time defines only a fraction of our lives.

Single moments can still change lives, and all Father Time needs to warp our lives is a single moment. This was my moment of change, and a beautiful instance in time.

Two souls deprived of affection converging at last. The crisp air scratching at our skin, and our breath visible. As time stopped we stare into one another, and our eyes take in the scene.

She is beautiful amidst the blanket of snow, and her hazel eyes shine as brightly as the snow.

I stood in front of the girl I secretly loved for most of highschool. She is elegant, intelligent, and magnificently gorgeous, and she is the maiden of our school.

Me on the other hand, never had many friends, however she was my first ever friend in highschool. By late Freshman year I had fallen in love with her, and we became close.

Now in my Junior year, after almost 3 years of knowing her, I finally have a chance to get closer to her.

When the school day had ended, and I was walking back to my locker I went past groups and cliques. However still I walked alone, and she had not walked with me today, which was odd.

She was the only one who cared about me, and only one I felt comfortable around. Once I reached my locker and opened it, I did not see its familiar emptiness.

I found a brilliant silky pink note sitting alone on the inside of my locker. Hesitantly I unfolded the note, but it's elegant handwriting matched the author perfectly.

Its writing was pretty and smooth, and I knew exactly who had given it to me. It's writing held a small simple request.


Please meet me outside after school, I will wait under the old cherry blossom tree.


It was her alright, Hinata, our school maiden, my secret admirer.

Now here I am at this moment in front of Hinata. her cheeks red with loving embarrassment, while shyly fiddling her thumbs.

Her noir hair flowing to her side, and her contrasting hazel eyes taking small glances at me.

we need no words to know each other's thoughts, and we are frozen at this moment, this warm momentary moment. Our moment.

Finally she spoke, "I w-wasnt sure i-if you would show..."

She spoke quietly and with a soft embarrassed inspired stutter.

"O-of course I would... Y-you mean a lot to me."

'You mean a lot to me' I had never said anything like that before, and the words spilled out, like my heart decided to speak.

She means everything to me, but something is still keeping me from saying it.

She jumped from the answer, and the red in her cheeks grew to her whole face. It would not surprise me to start seeing steam coming off her.

Again she stared into my eyes, but this time with confidence. Her mouth opened but the words refused to come out. Waiting for the right moment, a single moment to finally come to light.

"S-sora... I... I..."

"Hinata! I..."

Both of us stand on our toes waiting for each others proclamation. The butterflies in our stomachs roaring like a storm.

The climax of our tension finally burst, and we let our true feelings free.

"Love You!!!"

In harmony our declaration of love met each other. The impact of the two colliding paralyzed us, and in our disbelief we reviewed what just happened.

We look at each other in surprise, and tears form in her eyes. Our bodies leaning towards each other like magnets, leaning closer to each other, and welcoming each other in a loving embrace.

Our hug full of tears, and our bodies as close to each other as possible. We need to make sure it is not a dream. It finally hit me, and I know now it is not a dream.

Holding her this close, I do not want to let go. Our feelings collided, and our love for each other was the aftermath. Her warmth comforts me, and the small scent of cherry swirls in the air.

She held onto me for what felt like hours, but it was only for a moment.

We both unhing our arms from each other, Her face glowing with happiness, and her tears as evidence.

"I did not want to let go." Hinata said, smiling.

"Ya, m-me too"

Finally seeing her this close, and seeing her smile from ear to ear. I remembered why I loved her again. The feeling I felt when I fell in love with her sprang back ten fold.

A new form of love appeared, and it finally opened my eyes to how wonderful she is.

As that moment ended, a new one began. We walked back to the front of the school, still keeping close to each other. Speaking no more words, but exchanging smiles.

We finally reached the front, and after another hug we decided to go home. As I walked out the front gate my mind began to have a rush of thoughts.

Thoughts of the future moments I can experience with Hinata, and how many more I will experience.

Every moment I am with her is special, and so even if I only have 2 or 2 million more moments with her I will cherish every single one.

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