Losing Myself, Part 2
Losing Myself, Part 2 alone stories

kirlinn Is all that we see or seem but a dream?
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Losing Myself, Part 2

At what point

did my dreams

did my dreams disintegrate?

At what age,

did the voice

did the voice infect my mind,

drowning me

with knowledge

with knowledge of my deficiencies?

the prolonged torture

of reality seeping

through every interstice

through every interstice of my soul.

should I thank it

for exposing the atrocities

of this world?

for tearing down the veil

of childhood innocence

and asphyxiating

and asphyxiating each ounce of hope

I once had of becoming

I once had of becoming a person of worth?

it’s shallow kiss

lulling me into

lulling me into a state of disillusionment,

abandoning me,

gasping for air.

my paralyzed body, flayed.

Raw, aching, and alone.

Raw, aching, and alone. For all the world to see.

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