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kirimvose Kiss me on my mouth and set me free
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A (fictional) story of a lonely god named Thanatos who dug his own grave.


The universe is one giant tapestry, twisting millions of threads together to create one big picture.

There in the center was a lonely god. Thanatos.

Out of the thousands and thousands of bodies, a pair of star-crossed lovers teetered on the edge of Thanatos' void, not ready to concede.

But when Thanatos arrived for the first half, only then the other pleaded Keres to take her as well.

When Thanatos became weary and tired, he reached his hand out the to bottom of his chain only to find a chipped diamond named Karma dangling on the rusting chain,

who then later on, left with Thanatos' broken heart.

Thanatos, who was stolen from and left with nothing, only had himself to blame.

Thanatos then desperately tried to fill the gaping hole that Karma created, when he left with Her, with anything.

Nothing worked, leaving him with the void which devoured endless amounts of people

and now also himself.

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