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Love comes unexpectedly for two coworkers. From loathing to speechless...

By: Kirby

by Kirby


Minding mine

Self love and care was my goal

Step by step

Day by day

I enjoyed alone days

Enjoy my company to the fullest

Late night kisses lead to temporary needs to be met

Recognition was the first surprise

Silence to the point I thought loathing was between us

Working hard with fleeting smiles

But little did I know you're intentions

The invite was surprising but promising

Not a fan of tension

So I go with intentions for another...

Then you come

I have never been so speechless

Your nervous stare

You look at me in a way that feels foreign

Preference, I had always known for true happiness, preference for me was key

I figured my times were my 50's

Breathy you leave me smiling with the need to hide

A loss for words while yours spilled out faster than I can catch them

I stood there, dumbstruck

Looking at you fully for the first time

Looking back I can now remember the eyes I love to look into

Your nervous laugh as you snorted

You laid out all you had for me

With fear while being fearless

I followed your lead

No going back now

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