Unscripted fiend
Unscripted fiend dark stories

kira Ig:@kira_the_wordsmith
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And I know what it means to cry in rain.

Unscripted fiend

I am tale told during midnight

While around camp fire they trade looks of fright

They say I was cruel, Lucifer in human skin

Wrong! I am cruelest Devil himself

I tempted death, to crawl and, sit on my lap

She bit demure beings when my fingers snapped

Huh! How childish they are to think

That flattery is the only thing to flatter me

So, without a doubt they blessed my commanded sins

Darkness pouring off the rim Anxiety d r e n c h - ing my enemies

From the moment they heard about me

Their reason and bravery as lost balloon float and flee

"He will make you lick Your Own boots , don't go near him"

A warning old but still a gold Treasured by humans near my body grim

A cold whisper lashing ears A swift wind swinging fears

I will hunt in broad daylight Also when the world swim in midnight.

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