Perfect Lover
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kira Ig:@kira.poetry
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Somewhere faraway, death echoed my name, On first day, Her smirks, As a keen blade, popped my facade,

Perfect Lover

Somewhere f a r a w a y, Death echoed my name,

On first day, H r m r s e s i k , As a keen blade, popped my facade,

I was merely thirteen, A young, foolish and, An impulsive teen,

Slowly she undressed, In front my my eyes, Revealing herself after few seconds, She was by my side,

Her hands around my waist, Her lips over my skin, She pushed me farther, In an unknown region,

Her every kiss, Seemed last, But she comes back, Whenever we were a p a r t,

Visiting me in dark nights, She gives me r e l i e f,

But on sunny dates, She makes me w e e p,

She is a perfect lover, I never had, I surrendered unto her, OPPULENT ELEGANCE,

Seizing the momemt of T A L K, On that day she asked, "How long it will last?", Gladly I said, "Until my death, sweetheart. "

Hey guys, firstly thanks for reading my work.I am not good at writing sweet poems, this one is my first. I hope you you have enjoyed it. I know it is something unusual and maybe a bit of loopy, but this the best I can come up with. Again thank you very much for giving me your precious time. 😊

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