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kira Ig:@kira_the_wordsmith
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Why did I fell in love?


Come my dearest, let me revise,

Why did I fell in love?

Not once, but thrice,

Why, my heart, I let it pluck?

Before I can learn, the meaning of love,

I offered him me, as offering to deity,

For years, I tried, to interwine our fates,

truth to be told, he refused to be my mate,

They say "first love" is bitter, though it was sweet,

I was wretched when he left me,

So, I weeped and cried,

beside a crowded bar,

Inside my own heart,

Just for once, I say, I was greedy all again,

I wished for a friend and he appeared as a rain,

In the heat of summer, he cooled down my flames,

Yea! He was worthy, I scream

Of all my sighs, all my cries,

Yea! He was a dream,

I dreamt for a while,

'tis not an end, but was my last time,

I saw him once, no thrice!

Now, for him I bet, myself and I,

His sight I seek everyday,

I can wait, yes, I can wait without a complain,

Alas! I can't have him, I know

I am too poor, oh! love, I can't afford.

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