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kira Ig:@kira.poetry
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All about love of my life.

Misty Lover

O, Life!

How innocent you are,

Always laugh at your own japes,

One day, I slipped

And fell into your crescent scrapes.

From dusk till dawn, I played in your portico,

When I felt tired,

I sneaked and hid,

Under bridge, made of rainbow.

Slowly, all the plays became rite,

I smiled only

In presence of bridge bright.

When bridge evaporated, with the flick of night,

My hope vanished

to be alive.

All your pranks were now revealed,

I stepped back

and Unfettered your squeeze.

When darkness was starving me, your neighbor,

"Death" invited me for tea,

we both agreed,

You are precipitous but lovely.

I came back after long night,


you never punished me, even though I am tainted with sin.

Nowadays, I kiss you every morning,

I swear your blush, make rose envious.

So, THANK YOU! my life

to be with me,

As without you, I am ugly and grim.

For me it was long journey. The path to fall in love with life was quite bumpy, maybe that's why this poem also has some flaws. I really am grateful that you gave me precious bits of your time and read it. Thank you.

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