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All I want is to be on my own


All I want is to be on my own

Away from the place I once called - “home”

A place that is mine and only I

know it’s location. Hidden from prying eyes

Isolated from the lonely world

Filled with people making noise

Separated from those who look right through me

Who hear me, but turn away

All I ever wanted is a space

That gives me hope in a dreary place

Away from the shouting and the fights

A new dawn on which I set my sights

Distant from the war-torn land

That once was full and pure

Forgotten by my ancient family

Who said they loved me, in my previous life

All I needed was to be alone

In a place that I could call my own

Yet no one thought at all of me

When I was breaking down, slowly

Now I Am

Isolated from that world

That tore me apart

Separated from the ones who “tried”

But really just stood back

Distant from the place

That broke my heart in two

Forgotten by the people who said-

“I loved her”

Now I Am


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