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Breaking up is difficult, and inevitably you will be both victim and villain.


I sit tall; comfortable wrapped in arrogance and self righteousness I sit tall knowing my honest words were an unbreakable shield.

You see I have to move different, my soon to be ex may challenge me in court, I got to move different cause the financial transition is important, I got to move different my depression took so long to subside. You get it; right!?

I been hurt, a broken child till recently a broken man my little piece of peace may not be perverted! Her objection are short, lack luster and frankly timid.

I got to move different; dumb slow! friendship, relationship, then marriage! I got move different more education, new career, financial stability of my own, I gotta move different painful memories leave me uncertain and reluctant to move at all! You get it right!? his objections are long winded, rational, and frankly useless!

Dumbfounded at the speed in which life and karma conspire to teach me Dumbfounded at the demolition of my pride Dumbfounded that I lacked the foresight to curve this curve!

While the words they shared differed the refrain was the same; fear! I'm scared they screamed in silence while shouting a million reasons why.

Chastain I am, humbled I'm not; reckless and blind I drive ahead with love.

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