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Experience is something everyone should feel and face in their life. Read this very short story to learn the real pain in your heart which comes from love based on the real story. (Help me share this story around to let others learn what is the pain of love, and to make me feel better. The world needs to know something..)

By: King of Broken Hearts

There was once a time when I received a friend request. It was a random and unknown one for sure, but that click when I accepted it made me share all of my feelings.

She was a girl who was interested in me. It took me some time, but later on, we got used to each other. I gave her the name WRB. Who is WRB? She is a secret that cannot be told.

Hopefully, she liked that name since she still uses that name in some places. We used to love each other, and we kept our relationship for a while.

But many decisions came and many different consequences were there that we had to make tough choices.

We spent our whole days and nights together. By the day, we would chit chat, and by night we would call each other. Ever since I loved her, I promised her I'll be waiting for her.

She was to be the only girl I had in my heart, which was not to be replaced by anyone in my life. And so, did she promise.

But doubts and trust are something which can sometimes take their loved ones away. But who knows nature can do what? A day came when I lost her in my own hands.

I was told I couldn't give what she wanted. She gave me more than enough, and yet I was not thankful. She left me, and I left her, and we just went apart away to each side of the earth.

But she was still not away from me. That heartbeat I promised for her kept racing in me and gave me hope. But her doubts just kept increasing and increasing while she made me push her away.

Days came, I couldn't concentrate on anything when thinking of her, and nights came when I couldn't stop crying when I remembered her. My heart was broken and was divided into 2 pieces.

Where one side was about me being guilty while the other screaming the name of my loved one. I was deep into her, which made my heart one day say:

"Oh WRB, why have I left you...

Every single day, every single move. Every step I take, I think of you.

Every single night, every dream I get. What a fairy tale, in there I see you.

Every star I see that twinkles at night. And the moon that's so bright reminds me of you.

Every bird I see sitting on that tree and singing with its voice reminds me of you saying, "Hi."

Every morning when I see the sun, with the brightest shine, reminds me of your face.

Every breath I take that goes through my lungs, and the blood flow from the heart to the body is your love.

How come I can't see you with my closed eyes, how come I can't see you even if I am blind.

All I want to say, you were the beauty of nature."

These words were not meant to be for her, but that is what I wrote in my notebook and kept it in the front shirt pocket beside my heart.

But a day came when I saw a wave of anger in her messages. And then that message came, "I spit in your face. I have a new bf that's not like you anyway, and we will marry too.

And you, screw you. You stay like this playing in secret. I pray to God to lead you to hell. Don't worry, your two faces are going to burn there."

That moment when I just fell down. My heart just went off. Where is your promise you kept for me? We said we would wait for each other for years.

I waited for you, but you kicked me away from your life. I thought we were in trouble. We couldn't marry because we had obstacles stopping us, you met your new BF and just planned to marry.

Now I can't just replace you with anyone in my heart. You did leave me, but I'll have you in my heart. I congrats you on your new beginning of life.

May God make your life happier and thriving in the future. I can do nothing with this pain I have taken, other than just waiting for you in the hereafter.

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