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Jung Hoseok visiting his friend, Park Jimin and end up solving an unsolved case. What happened to Jimin? Why must it be Hoseok?

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Looking down onto his phone, he reads the address that was sent by Jimin over and over again.

He can't believe Jimin disappeared after his wedding and years later, he was actually not in South Korea anymore.

Hoseok knew that Jimin wanted privacy after his wedding day but it has been years and he thought Jimin would be the one to comeback with his 'lovely' husband not Hoseok.

It was ridiculous when he received a text from Jimin all of the sudden, telling him to visit him, after years and years but ofcourse,

he didn't mind because he would do anything for his bestfriend.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Los Angeles International Airport. Local time is 3:33PM and the temperature is 32°C .

For your safety and comfort, please remain seated with your seat belt fastened until the Captain turns off the Fasten Seat Belt sign.

This will indicate that we have parked at the gate and that it is safe for you to move about. Please check....."

Hoseok looks out of the window, he wasn't sure himself why he agreed to meet Jimin. It was far for him to travel and he has never travel this far without any of his friends.

He would have brought along his friends but when Jimin said that it was an urgent matter, he couldn't find himself thinking about his friends.

When he got in taxi, he told the taxi driver Jimin address. Hoseok kept thinking on how Jimin would look like now.

It has been years, did Jimin adopt a kid like he wanted to do? Is he having the life he deserves?

He has been having this thoughts for years, he cares for Jimin and even after being someone else's spouse, he still has feelings for him.

Hoseok never confessed his love for Jimin, he knew it was for the best. He knows how happy Jimin looked in highschool, he didn't bother to ruin Jimin's relationship with Min Yoongi.

The school badboy but an excellent musician. Everyone fancied him and he was a somebody while Hoseok was a nobody.

Hoseok was fine with his own group of friends but he guess, Jimin does not appreciate them when he started skipping their daily hangouts, giving excuses to them that aren't much believable.

It continued till graduation day, Jimin ignored his friends but went on to hangout with Yoongi and his clique. They didn't mind, they know one day that Jimin will come back to them.

All hopes went down when on day Jimin arrives at Hoseok's house with Yoongi while he was spending time with his friends.

They thought of inviting Jimin and Yoongi inside, a smile formed on Jimin's face but disappeared when Yoongi suddenly handed out a couple of papers and that was their, wedding invitations.

All of them were shocked. Jimin was still young and Yoongi was almost 20, why would they get married at such young age? They didn't question the couple, instead they congratulate them.

Until now, theres no valid reasons to explain the sudden events.

"Sir, we're here." the taxi driver spoke, waking him up from his daydream.

"Oh ye-yeah.. thank you. How much is it?"

"Only four dollars, Sir." The driver said.

"Oh okay, here you go. Thank you"

Hoseok opens his door and looking out, he greeted by a huge mansion. 'Was Yoongi this rich?' he thought.

"Here's your things sir, have a good day!" Hoseok watches as the taxi car drives away before trying to enter the mansion.

He didn't even get to press the gate bell when suddenly the gate opened by itself. Hoseok was hesistant to enter, so he stood there while peeking into the mansion frontyard.

The door to the mansion suddenly opened with Jimin appearing after that. The young man smiled before came running to Hoseok and gave a suprise hug to his one and only bestfriend.

"Oh, Hoseok! I miss you so much!"

Jimin lets go of the hug while smiling at Hoseok. Soon a little boy came out running from the door.

"Mommy.. mommy! is this the friend that you've been talking about?" The little boy ask, hugging Jimin's leg. "Yes, hun..

this is him, say hello," the little boy smiles at him,"Hello, my name is Giseok!

" Hoseok looks down onto the child before crouching down onto his height, "Hello Giseok, i guess i'm your uncle Hoseok."

Giseok looks at Jimin excitedly, "Mom, nobody ever visits us.. will it be fine with dad?" He then unsurely ask Jimin, who suddenly furrowed his brows together.

"It will be fine, i'll tell your dad later."

Hoseok looks at both of the with confusion written all over his face, Jimin must've seen it. "Oh, Yoongi is always away for business so we don't know when he will come home."

"Couldn't you text him or something? call him?" Hoseok suggest. Jimin then looks away as if he avoided the question. "Let's go in. You must be tired from the flight."

After Jimin showed the room Hoseok was staying in, he left him alone. Hoseok looks around the room and wonder what Yoongi's job actually is after leaving the band together with Jimin.

He knew this job must involved alot of money being Yoongi's income as the house speaks for it.

Hoseok walks out of the room, being greeted by an aromatic smell of Jimin's cooking.

He walks his way towards the kitchen where Jimin was walking from the stove to the kitchen island every minute and little Giseok sitting ontop of the kitchen island together with his toys.

"Oh Hoseok, have you settled in?" Jimin ask as he looks up from his cutting board. Hoseok nodded. "Do you mind helping on setting the table? I'm almost finish with dinner."

Hoseok glance over the clock, it was almost midnight. He had spent all of his time talking with Jimin, catching up what has been happening after the wedding.

From Jimin telling Yoongi's luck in his business to Hoseok telling that their friend, Namjoon got married to Seokjin after years of being in a secret relationship together.

Jimin was upset that he had missed alot of wonderful events back in Korea. He told Hoseok on how much he misses home and his friends.

Hoseok suggested to invite the rest of the band over to Los Angeles, so Jimin won't be lonely if Yoongi went away for a business trip.

Jimin kindly rejected the offer, telling Hoseok that he doesn't want to troubled the other guys to come here just for a few days and talk.

Hoseok convince Jimin that it will be alright and they won't mind. Jimin once again declined it.

Hoseok gave up on trying to make Jimin change his mind but he hopes that Jimin would suddenly talk about it in the morning.

He knows that his friends will be happy to hear the news that their old friend, Jimin is alive and well.

Hoseok excused himself to his room as he was getting tired. Jimin gave him a smile and a goodnight hug before going into his own bedroom too.


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