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Today I have a poem about depression. Depression is something I feel like we don’t talk enough about in the black community. So in this poem I talk about how I learned how to deal with it in what I call
Positive depression.

Positive Depression

Positive depression.

Positive depression is a feeling a mind state. It’s something where everything sucks and you know it sucks but you have hope that things will get better.

Positive depression is when you feel sad and you see someone's smile and even though you’re still sad for a few minutes you’re happy with them.

Positive depression is fear of the future but being ok with the outcome because you’re with people you love.

Positive depression is your own mind state when you start to accept the darkness that your mind hates. Positive depression is finding joy in small things and letting those small things hug you.

P.D. or positive depression is wanting to die but not killing yourself. P.d my positive depression is a self-taught lesson form my own reflections.

Why positive depression? Why would you choose to be positively depressed?

Because I can't always be happy and no amount of counseling will ever change that. And I can't always be sad because if I am I could lose all the love I had.

So I made a choice to mix the good with the bad the happy and the sad into a weird type of soup an off color blue that’s disaster and hope too.

I made a new type of stew something you can laugh so hard that you cry to. I learned to make the gray days white and the white days black and the black days orange.

I created positive depression a self-taught lesson of my own minds digression. I've accepted that I have dark inside but I also have light inside.

I accepted that I can't save everyone but I will always try. I've accepted that my dreams are kinda dumb but I will still fly.

Positive depression. What is positive depression? Positive depression isn't happy. It isn't sad. It isn't numb. Positive depression is a new mind state of ok. PD.

Is knowing that you won't always be happy and knowing you won’t always be sad. P.D. is hating your existence but being happy for the friends that you have.

Pd is knowing that at the end of the day you have small comforts to take stress away.

I’ve created my own type of way to look at the world and take all its shits and turn the shit into a bronze brick.

Positive depression

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