Blah Blah Simple song
Blah Blah Simple song sad stories

king_etl I write and make youtube vids
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Hey this is a little happy poem that i made. Depression is wack but i have people in my life that makes life worth living so this is for them.


Blah Blah Simple song

Life is really hard you can't change that fact. But I have friends so I take it back.

Life is really rough I think that’s a better word.

Life is rough.

But I have you and you have me and blah blah blah happy Sentimentality. A simple melody can be so sweet.

And blah blah blah sing a smile song to make life not seem so long.

Let’s not joke I know you know I’m depressed. And let’s face it you know the rest.

But I’m trying. Everyday a little more but I’m trying. Everyday opens a new door I’m trying to sing a happy song I hope you sing along.

Blah blah blah sing a simple song something to lift you up when life seems too long. And blah blah blah originality this song is for un-named you and me.

Life can be tough and rough but together we’ll sing a simple song and make things a little better.

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