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king_etl I write and make youtube vids
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For black history month I wanted to write about black cosplayers so this is what I call. An Accepting Community.
Cosplayer in photo is Raya from R2A Cosplay

An Accepting Community

I've had enough of all of this hate. Why do you people think you’re so great? You claim it’s not about race. You say. "Monika doesn't look right." Without a pale face.

"You should cosplay something your color."

You do realize the people YOU cosplay aren't white right? And even if they are does that stop you from dressing as Native Americans? Does that stop you from blackface?

Claiming it’s a joke its prank.

Can't even cosplay a dog without memes being made.

I’m not sorry my chocolate goku is too rich for your taste. We have curves and beautiful hair and its ok. Black beauty is intimidating but you can't just live with hate.

We love this show as much as you so why do you hate what we can do. Aren't most anime characters accepting anyway? Can you name any non-villains that hate people outside their race?

Be black and beautiful black and proud black kawaii yell it loud. I want my sailor scouts coco butter kisses with some dark chocolate Shokugeki dishes

I want to see a community of loving fans and supporters. Cosplays of all shapes colors and orders. Let’s honor the people we dress up as.

We’re not different just because of skin we all love fantasy characters and the world they live in.

we go there to get away from our lives so don't you bring yourself hate inside this magical world of endless possibilities.

If anything help to the longevity to great art and great opportunities. Let’s make a better cosplay community.

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