I'm Sorry, But Hello

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This may be written about you, but it's actually written for me.

I'm Sorry, But Hello

“I'm sorry, but hello”,

the four words my heart craves, to say to you.

It's a message to send, that my gut warns me, I desperately shouldn't do.

“I'm sorry, but hello”,

is jealousy without you, when waking from dreams of us at dawn.

Conflicting, how I'd like to be without you, these aren't words, of moving on.

“I'm sorry, but hello,”

a false hope of rekindled love, I'd soon regret it.

If rekindled love was the answer, this would not sound apologetic.

“I'm sorry, but hello,”

scratching away on top my tongue, just pleading to be said.

Though not directly, I must still get, this line out of my head.

I think it speaks a lot, that I have written this instead.

“I'm sorry, but goodbye”

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