Interblending with the spectrum
Interblending with the spectrum song stories

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Hi I'm Sheridan, an associative personality of the the Ethan System. Ethan is the guardian of the planet that is our headscape. I know this is a lot to take in, feel free to ask questions.

Interblending with the spectrum

I get excited when I look at the roof of the Sistine chapel

I like it when Steve takes a bite out of The Amazon's Apple

Girls with guns in between their thighs

In a leather jacket with skirts made of and shrapnel

I like being yelled at but don't call me an asshole

Unless of course you'd like to enter my castle

Drop the drawbridge and I'll give you a mouthful

Who is Me me med

Who is You you you

What painting do you want to break through

I'll show you violent and calm waters

I'm not confused I just feel like a girl with you

Do what I want when I'm wanting to

You don't need to wear the chains if they scare you

Can you be my pillow, my willow my rose

Heavy but fragile, don't mean to impose

The distance I traveled to die here alone without you

If you love everyone why does no one love you

Calm, sad, It's fine I'm glad

Calm, sad, It's fine I'm glad

Tears of queers we ride the wave

Tears of queers we ride the wave

We can't be saved

We can't be saved

through the pleasure and pain

Does sex bring life or is life just pain?

Does sex bring life?

Existence is pain!

regardless of what you keep in your

regardless of what you keep in your, *dun dun*

regardless of what you keep in your dungeon hips

I just want to taste fantasies from on your lips

fantasies from on your lips

Oh no no no


I wanna build you up, so you can break me down!

Don't Bring me Down!

"My Ego Death

My Ego Death

in the thunderdome

I almost nearly drown!!!"

pheromones are in the air

Love is the urge to breed

Adrenaline, blood pounds

That's what I need

My brain in the mud

my heart has expansions and contractions birthing my love for you

but of course we are friends before the benefits

I got edicate I'm a gentleman peddling

my games

I like dancing in cages to the kettle drums

I like squares in the shape of





I'm afraid to say your name

I don't know if you want this song to be about you

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