“Do You Have The Time”
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“Listen to me whine, about nothing and everything”-Green Day

By: Sheridan Hauf

“Do You Have The Time”

by Sheridan Hauf

In death, I wish not to be forgotten,

to grasp fame before hell obtains my heart.

It's sad that I'm not good enough at art

Not Talented enough for a college.

I Wish this was a song, not a sonnet,

but with music I don't know where to start.

No one will hear my words, at least I'm smart

My memories will sit here and rot then.

Was I cheated or was I just lazy

I've been sheltered and never been denied

Will be heard or unheard off, maybe

I've tossed it around too much in my mind

But should I let the negative phase me

Cause I'm not dead yet, Do you have the time?

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