The Happy Aspie
The Happy Aspie autism stories

kinaibhlan New to writing, better late than never.
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My first attempt at a poem, guaranteed non-cringe (I hope lol).

The Happy Aspie

In the past I was just an outcast,

in the present, life couldn't be more pleasant.

Where before, life was but a chore,

now it's a pleasure and something I will treasure.

Back then I thought that I was normal,

living in a world that seemed so paranormal.

I felt so lost and always out of place,

like an alien living among the human race.

I wore disguise and put on an act,

only to find I could not make eye contact.

In conversation I would often misconstrue,

because I could not understand a certain social cue.

I kept to myself and lived in my head,

thinking about worlds I would rather live instead.

The best ones seemed to be fictional,

places where I'd be welcome as a non-neurotypical.

Then one day I came to a realization,

I could be myself and still live in civilization.

Why should I act like someone I'm not,

why live as though autism is not something I got?

I'm not normal so why pretend to be,

the blind don't have to act like they can see.

I'm tired of acting and playing a role,

futile as putting a square block through round hole.

To be honest I love being aspie,

fixating on every new interest makes me happy.

If I'm gonna roleplay, act, and pretend,

it'll be with people I would consider my friend.

I'm autistic and naturally artistic,

being a normie would honestly just bore me.

So I'll be myself and you yourself,

none are in the wrong so lets all just get along.

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