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The girl who is smothered by lights brighter than her own.


by kimberlyvale4

I was that girl. The one that you picked at, poked at. The one that you broke into pieces with your pointing finger. Shattered. Scattered. I was that fractured girl.

The one that you laughed at, snapped at. The one you crushed into dust with your cruel smile. Crumpled. Rumpled. I was that defeated girl.

The one that you pushed, shoved. The one that you drug through the mud until the layer of dirty words and filthy lies were so thick she could hardly see herself anymore.

Faded. Jaded. I was that lost girl. But that isn't me anymore.

I am this girl. The one who endures, persists. The one who lifts her chin to a new day with a smile on her face because she can taste the sun's rays as they shine through the gray haze.

I am the girl who remains, despite you. I am the girl who survives, despite you. I am the girl who lives, despite you.

I am the girl who will shine. Without you.

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