The Narcissists Love Affair
The Narcissists Love Affair love stories
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kimsorensen Real Life Poems written about life
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A love affair not worth loving

The Narcissists Love Affair

A shallow breeze can be felt blowing as one starts to dress.

Trying diligently to hide the pain and aftermath of the narcissists mess.

Tossed aside once again, with nothing, not even clothes to help keep warm.

Salty tears freely flowing, as the sweat bees begin to swarm.

The taste of fresh blood now dripping and wet.

All the while being told you deserve what you get.

Scared, outraged but mostly confused by the cold shoulder.

When moments before you made passionate love, the coals still hot where they lay and smolder.

Dancing to the drum of the devils beat.

Praying like mad for answers so history does not go on to repeat.

If only one had been wise to the narcissists ways.

Maybe then it would have been him that went on to be played.

Damage done accept it as it was.

Don’t look back for things won’t change be thankful that your free.... move on and just accept it!

For it is what it ‘twas!

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