The Mask
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The mask we hide behind

The Mask

Don’t pity me, It is not I that asked to be judged.

Instead, why not ask what it is that ales me.

One might be surprised as to what they might find.

It may actually be what I needed you to know the whole time

Don't be so quick to judge what it is you do not know.

What you think you see might actually just be for show.

Clearly to one, not at all the truth.

Search for what's not seen to help provide you with the proof.

When one is failing either to their self or to others the mask then goes on.

Very rarely does it appear as it should have appeared to us all along.

Passing judgment therefore only hinders your ability to grasp what needs to be.

Take these words to heart but be prepared for what it is that you might see.

Dig a little deeper if the answer you do not find.

The longer the mask stays on, the harder it is to leave behind.

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