The Butterflies In My Belly


The Butterflies In My Belly firstlove stories
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New loves first

The Butterflies In My Belly

Butterflies were released in my belly when I first saw your face.

Now rummaging through my bag hoping to find some toothpaste.

Contemplating if I should just go ahead and try to steal the first kiss.

Going over each angle carefully so I will hit and not miss.

The Butterflies are now swarming and trying to bust free.

It feels so refreshing to have them again inside of me.

They might have been lost but,





I’m anticipating the moment I get to lay down on your bed made of cotton.

Senses getting aroused by something as simple as touch.

Knowing all to well if denied it could later prove to be too much.

So much passion has been wrapped up inside my soul.

Ive been waiting so long it was starting too take it’s toll.

The butterflies manifested as they were released from their cocoon.

The moment you walked into my life.....

it was you I swooned!

The Butterflies In My Belly © 2019 K.Colquitt All Rights Reserved

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