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The Book of Life

Suffering will no longer be overlooked or expected to be done in silence.

There will be no false accusations following fits of rage caused by paranoia that spiraled into violence.

There will not be any tears rolling down your cheeks itching to be shed.

Unless of course it is tears of joy that are now coming from your head.

There will be no regrets or words spread around in hate.

Misery is not welcome so don’t even try to bring it to my gate.

There will be no leeway regarding any self induced drama.

There will not be any racial slurs said about president Obama.

Excuses are not looked at kindly so own up to your mess.

There will be zero tolerance if precious time gets wasted waiting around for nothing more or less.

Jump to help one that may be suffering making sure no one gets overlooked.

Kind words of compassion and caring should fill up every page in your book.

Out with the old in with the new the time has finally come.

There is no room for haters here so why would you even try to knowingly bring me some?

Life lesson 101 be thankful for all the little blessings in life that you may have got.

The moment you take them for granted,...

Will be the day you no longer call the shots!

Lead by example, or follow another’s lead..

The outcome will be known to all if it is your book they choose to pick up and read.

The Book of Life Copyright © 2020 K.Colquitt All Rights Reserved

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