The Army of Death

The Army of Death covid stories

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COVID tales

The Army of Death

Overflowing bubbles of puss oozing out infection.

Lingering, multiplying figuring out it’s next direction.

As a host looks for the perfect source.

Meticulously selecting who will get to be the next lucky resource.

Mutant cells growing into powerful armies.

Building in strength which is quite alarming.

Human Life lost when bodies become weak.

On a mission to find ones such as those to seek.

Stop the train dead in it’s tracks before it derails.

In order to eliminate the explosion of shrapnel nails.

Weeding out the weak in an over crowed population.

Leaving behind hysteria from all the loss and devastation.

Immunity not granted because any age can become weak.

Age means nothing when it’s death the mutant army is out to seek.

The Army of Death Copyright 2020 K.Colquitt All Rights Reserved

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