My King of Black
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When is too much of something too much?

My King of Black

When love falls stray to one not free to love back...

In love with one who is not free to love back.

Remaining true in my heart while admiring from afar my very sexy king of black.

Out of sight out of mind? Not possible if the one you love still roams the earth.

Days once numbered replaced with days running into weeks, see that for what it’s worth.

The one loved starting to wear the brunt of the past on his face.

Innocent in so many ways but quickly went south at a very rapid pace.

Beaten down and hungry without any food to keep him fed.

A man broke down falling to his knees begging to be saved or just forgotten and written off as dead.

Contemplating every move prior to stepping out into a world so full of haters.

Trying to kill two birds with one stone but fell short due to being such a procrastinator.

Holding on to any sign of hope that all the chaos and misery will finally fizzle out and end.

When weeks turn to months even the sharpest of minds might start to question what kind of message they went on to send.

My King of Black Copyright 2020 K.Colquitt All Rights Reserved

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