Love Do’s and Dont’s
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Love me right or don’t love me at all...

Love Do’s and Dont’s

Love should not fit perfectly like it’s a good shoe.

It should roll in like a tidal wave gaining strength with every wave that comes on through.

Love is not perfect, it does not look to place blame.

Love should never cause one to bow their head in shame.

Love does not choose to purposely harm another.

Love will never steal nor take from the arms of it's lover

Love that is true will always stay strong, despite the things at hand.

That love will hold true if your any kind of man.

Love will always provide comfort and will help to see you through.

Love will still be there in the end no matter what it is you may have to do.

Love will be understanding about the things in life that may come to pass.

Love will not hurt you, or try to knock you down on your ass.

Love should always be cherished and given credit when credit is due.

To accept anything less would make a fool out of you.

Love Do’s and Don’ts
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