Let Me Go
Let Me Go obsession stories
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kimsorensen Real Life Poems written about life
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Let Me Go

Why can’t you just listen? Please hear the words that are spoken.

Take this as a bit of advice you’ll thank me later for this token.

The facts are this, you have crossed the line.

Let go, move on you are wasting my time.

We will not, can not, nor be what it is you think you want.

Not friends, not lovers, So quit coming back to haunt.

Your careless ways are over, You can’t keep claiming you are mine.

I have to cut you off for good, so take this as a sign.

Your calls will go unanswered, your texts will not be read.

Just let go, move on, I’m sorry but to me you are already dead.

Let Me Go Copyright © 2019 K.Colquitt All Rights Reserved

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