From One To Another A poem from the other side
From One To Another

      A poem from the 
            other side
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Don’t worry about me, just worry about you!

From One To Another A poem from the other side

I am a nobody I don’t expect you to care. If you look my way however, please don’t stop and stare.

Yes I am different I have known that for many years. Each day I live is hard enough I’m not trying to keep up with my peers.

I can take care of my own I don’t want for much. I do not care to gossip about who or such and such.

So if that makes me different then I guess that’s what I’ll be. I’m not here for you so it does not matter much to me.

In time we all get what it is we deserve. Hate and drama is not something I care to keep on reserve.

I do not care what you do I am not one to judge. I don’t seek revenge nor do I hold onto a grudge.

An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth. History will repeat itself providing us the proof.

No good deed goes undone it will find it’s way back home. How many of your deeds can you say your proud to call your own?

So I am different I see things from a different light. That doesn’t make me wrong if I see it as right.

Don’t worry about me I won’t worry about you. This world is big enough for all of us so who cares what you do.

What you put out in life is what you will get back. Your only hurting yourself if you don’t do good and that’s a proven fact.

I’ve accepted that I’m different I won’t say another word. I only ask that you just think about the things that you have heard.

From One to Another Copyright 2019 K.Colquitt All Rights Reserved

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