A Woman Should Be Heard

A Woman Should Be      

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I wear two sets of pants.

A Woman Should Be Heard

Questions without answers that keep pecking diligently trying to get inside ones brain.

Unsure about which way to go? Then go with the flow and not against the grain.

Smooth out any rough edges that may come to pass in the days ahead.

Get the most out of each day that you have been given before it’s too late and you are dead.

Humans are all sinners by nature so remember we are all playing on the same court.

Ask for forgiveness accepting fault where you may have fallen short.

A tisk for a task, lie a little or lie a lot.

Either way, a lie is a lie so don’t get caught with your hand in that pot.

Time will not stop nor will you ever be able to get it back.

Don’t go on to be the one that is hated always try to stick to the facts.

Those that selfishly spread hate or
gossip will eventually find out why it is so important to just stick to the facts.

Dish out only what you
wish to get back in

Facts are the only things worthy or important for any of us to learn.

Drama is not acceptable nor will it ever come to be.

Don’t ever settle for second best or play one for a fool just so you can see.

A woman should never go unspoken or live in fear to say a word.

It took a woman to get us into this world so yes a woman’s voice should be heard.

I wear two sets of pants one is white and one is black.

I play the role of man and wife and sometimes there are too many cards on my stack.

Wearing two sets of pants also means a woman’s voice should be heard.

Until you men wear my panties then shut your ass up and listen to my words.

Wearing two sets of pants means I’m over qualified to speak with my voice.

If you don’t like it then stick it where the sun don’t shine for that will be your only choice.

A Woman’s Voice Should Be Heard Copyright 2020 K.Colquitt All Rights Reserved

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