A Cry for Help and Healing
A Cry
for Help and Healing life stories

kimsorensen Real Life Poems written about life
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At times the world seems to run on a different equator

A Cry for Help and Healing

I can feel your energy, we are two of the same.

Going through the daily motions of life, not looking to place blame.

Accepting indifference, for what it is and what it might bring.

Afraid to go to sleep for that will bring out the scary things.

Feeling as if I will soon run out of air.

If only there was someone else around who didn’t just pretend to care.

Carefully cautious afraid I might drown.

So scared I might slip beneath the surface unnoticed, and never be found!

A Cry For Help and Healing Copyright 2019 K.Colquitt All Rights Reserved

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