Do you remember me?
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Do you remember me?


Do you remember when you told me the first time you heard my voice, you thought it was the most beautiful sound you've ever heard?

Or when we finally met and the first thing you noticed was the smell of my shampoo

And how you never wanted to forget that smell.

Do you remember all those nights

When we would walk for hours in silence, staring at the stars, and be completely okay with not speaking?

Do you remember when you told me you'd love me forever, even when I was gone

Will you remember my laugh like I remember yours?

Will you remember my Smile?

Because I remember yours.

Will you remember every sunset and sunrise we ever watched?

Because all I remember is staring at you. The whole time.

Will you remember every road trip we went on, singing along to old songs.

Will you remember when you pulled me close under a street light on an empty road and kissed me so softly..

Or when we danced for hours in your room at 2am

From my first kiss, to having sex for the first time,

You're someone I never want to forget.

But you moved on so fast.

I didn't get a chance to say goodbye.

There's so many words left unspoken.

Its been two years. Do you remember me?

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