how to get over someone you never dated.
how to get over someone you never dated. sad stories
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how to get over someone you never dated.

1.// get in the shower. scrub them off of you, all the times they've touched you, or kissed you, or held you. your body replaces cells every 7 years. you will one day have a body that is clean and untouched. try not to cry.

2.// clean your room. change your sheets, wash your floors, light a candle. you can't let his memory haunt you while you're laying awake at night. try not to cry.

3.// buy new clothes. throw out all the old ones that remind you of him. pick up new ones at a thrift store so that you can live in the life of someone else. try not to cry.

4.// delete all the pictures of him. delete him from social media, unfollow him, stop checking up on him. if he really cared he wouldn't have left you wondering what went wrong. try not to cry.

5.// change your hair. cut it off all of, dye it. you won't be the girl he 'loved' anymore. you are someone new. try not to cry.

6.// don't do drugs. you'll become addicted to the way they make you feel; euphoric. then you'll come down from your high, and you'll feel worse. give yourself time to heal without things that will harm you. try not to cry.

7.// don't down a bottle of pills, then a bottle of vodka because you saw him post a picture of his new girl. you'll wind up in the hospital, more sad than you've ever been because you failed. try not to cry.

8.// don't hurt yourself because your mom asked why you don't see him anymore. scarring yourself up will make it even harder to forget. try not to cry.

9.// don't stop eating because you think that by making yourself smaller you can disappear. you need a healthy body in order to heal. try not to cry.

10.// cry. cry for hours, until your eyes get swollen and you can't cry anymore. let it all out. when you stop crying, take a breath. you can get over someone you never even dated.

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