Yoshikage Kira (Awakening)
Yoshikage Kira (Awakening) jojo stories

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A fanmade backstory for the villain of Part 4 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Yoshikage Kira. (Comment if you have another character in mind I should write about.)

Yoshikage Kira (Awakening)

A young man in the Morioh countryside bolted out from a large barn door, a panicked expression on his face. "Huff, huff-"

he panted as he scrambled to slide under an old picket fence, mud caking the front side of his body. He kept running, passing cows and sheep as he tried to escape. "I need to get out of here..

or he'll.. he'll.." The young man's breathing started to get heavier as he looked back, seeing a tall, muscular farmhand holding a twelve gage right on his tail.

"I'M GONNA DIE!" he thinks to himself, mustering all of the energy he possibly could and putting it into one last blaze of glory to distance himself.

He exploded in speed, and disappeared into the nearby woods, slowing down, but not daring to stop. "Gah.. hnn.." The young man suddenly tripped over a log, falling to the ground.

Only then did he realize the group of pellets lodged deep into his left calf, blood drenching his leg. "When did that happen!?" he questions, trying to get up.

It was useless, he couldn't stand on his damaged leg. Suddenly, the rapid snapping of twigs and crunching of leaves alerted the man, as he began crawling away from the noise.

"I don't want to die, I don't want to die, I don't want to die.." The young man desperately clawed at the wet ground, his fingers sinking into the mud.

It got under his fingernails, which would've bothered him intensely if the situation wasn't so dire.

The farmhand noticed him and casually approached, as the man was no longer in any position to escape.

He rolls over to face the farmhand and tries to scoot back, but he bumps into a tree behind him. "Huh!?" The farmhand grins, pointing the barrel of the shotgun right between the man's eyes.

"Gulp. This.. this is it. No.. NO! It can't be! I still have so much more to do! My dreams haven't been realized, my fantasies! I want to continue having fun-"

He thinks to himself, before feeling an extremely sharp, throbbing pain in his wrist. "TSSCHH.. Shit that fucking hurts! So he's just going to toy with me before I die.. Wait..

why is the bullet..


The young man quits thinking to himself and opens his eyes, looking at his wrist

seeing the mysterious arrow his father had gifted him slowly slithering out of his jacket pocket and inching deeper into his arm.

"What the fuck?" The man's vision dims slightly, before he feels a sudden surge of energy, and is completely revitalized.

The pain from the arrow is out shined by the intense power the man feels inside of him. Suddenly, a dark, ominous purple cloud forms in front of him, and out steps..

a skeleton? Pale pink flesh bubbled within the skeleton's ribcage, slowly growing and enveloping its body, until its true form was revealed.

It was muscular, and about as tall as the man himself. Cat ears protruded from the head, and it had white, cat like eyes with vertical pupils.

It wore dark, studded, black leather gloves, with a similarly looking belt at its waist and sandal-like shoes. Its thumbs were covered with white bandages.

It stood in front of the farmhand, its muscles rippling threateningly.

The farmhand didn't even seem to notice as the cat creature easily inserted its fist into his stomach, slamming him into the ground. It looked over to the young man, seemingly asking for orders.

"What.. what are you? You.. seem to be on my side..

Please, protect me from that farmer!" The creature nodded, rolling its shoulders before punching the farmer in the nose, instantly crushing it.

The creature casually floated backwards, slowly and deliberately giving the farmer a thumbs up, before slamming its thumb into its fist, causing the farmer to bloat up and explode violently.

But.. there was no viscera to be seen.

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