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A man tries his best to stop his hunger.


My stomach throbs with a sharp pain

Looking down at my fists

From eating I must abstain

Saliva pours from my mouth

I need to be stopped before this goes south

I grab my waist, I’m stuck in a slog

I raise my digits to my face, I crave hotdogs

My mouth slowly opens, strings of drool drip from my teeth

I raise my hand, my appetite I plan to bequeath

I sink my incisors into my skin

The careful ripping may now begin

Hastily, I peel my hide

Crimson seeping out from inside

I gnaw on my nail, crushing the keratin

My sacrificial claws, what good samaritans

Grinding bone against bone

Alas, now my left hand is all alone

I can’t let the rest of my arm go to waste

Now that I’ve had skin to taste

I grab a hammer and smash my wrist

Twist and remove my mangled fist

I suck the marrow from my lower arm

All the sustenance I will farm

Sanguine liquid drips from my maw

I wipe it away with my paw

Grab my ankle and pull back hard

Snap my knee to get that delicious lard

Chow down on my calf, sinewy and tough

Good thing I was never that buff

Slurp up my achilles tendons, like thick spaghetti

Filling up on my own deli

Tear out my loins, oh this would go good

Roasted brussel sprouts as a side, smoked with applewood

I dribble in anticipation, man this would go fine

With some chopped hazelnuts and expensive red wine

My wife runs in and lets out a shriek

She shivers and gasps, her knees look weak

She passes out and falls with a thud

Right into a pool of my scarlet blood

A nasty plot creeps into my head

OWO I could kill this woman dead

I raise my hammer and crush her skull

Poor girl, her life is now null

I drag my handicapped body to her side

I toss the tool and start to grin wide

I dig my fingers into her brain

Scoop grey matter into my mouth like a crane

Soft yet chewy, maybe this would taste better cooked

But now that I’ve tried meat I’m completely hooked

I wonder how I’m still awake, I must admit

With my arm and leg gone, it must be plot bullshit

I grab for a knife and jab her belly

Carving up to her breasts, to get that jelly

I laugh goofily and play like a kid

Her fatty chest is slimy as a squid

I sit in my chair and laugh to myself

And pull a jar from off of my shelf

I look in, no surprise its still empty

The whole reason I’ve been acting so quirky

Is because someone stole all of my jerky

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