My “Happy” Mask
My “Happy” Mask relatable stories

killerremarks Community member
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Just some thoughts currently in my head.

My “Happy” Mask

Masked. Is that what I’ve been to myself and others? Giving more & more to everyone but myself except I get nothing in return. Push me aside, why don’t you? It’s fine. Everything’s always fine.

No one seems to care about my emotions or can simply ask the common question of “How are you?”

Am I a strip of paper with the words Too Caring on a “Take One” sign? Do I care TOO much? Have I reached my breaking point of acting as if everything is alright?

I believe I’ve shunned my feelings down & have told myself repeatedly that I am okay, not realizing that it’s a lie.

Maybe I haven’t been doing well this entire time. Maybe I’ve filled my time up by making others happy instead of myself. Maybe I should fix that but I don’t think I know how.

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