Organised Chaos
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Explore what it is truly like inside an unsupervised classroom.

Organised Chaos

If organised chaos ever existed, it was born and brought up in this classroom.

The animals, or children being the more civilised term, seemed enclosed in a makeshift zoo, where all mayhem was not only welcome, but encouraged.

Their teacher had left them alone for a matter of minutes, yet that was sufficient for the hooligans to create a commotion.

With around 20 students, the task of ensuring that they all stayed quiet was given to one poor soul, yet that student hardly seemed to care.

He just sat around, minding his own business, burrowing his nose in a book.

There were other creatures, mainly the testosterone fuelled adolescents surveying their surroundings from the last row, who were making paper planes to disrupt the peace.

They resembled hyenas, their actions done as a pack and their hair-raising laughter guaranteed to bring even a corpse back to life.

A group of girls, who resembled parrots, began to chat incessantly.

Their bright plumage was revealed by all the different shades their faces resembled when each one made eyebrow raising remarks. Two swans, necks curved to form a heart, whispered in the corner.

One section of the room was occupied by chameleons, teenagers who believed that revealing their true colours was unacceptable and it was easier to camouflage.

They spoke softly, their sharp tongues making witty remarks and eyes taking note of everything happening.

A few students were like foxes, their cunning actions focused only on disturbing the other animals.

Pigeons, perched precariously, scared not only of exams, stayed a safe distance from the other animals.

The vivid pink flamingos ruffled their feathers, craving attention, while moving gracefully. Deer tried to listen to everything, while timidly nodding to statements.

Seemingly enough, there were also a few tigers, who growled in a low tone and completed tasks solitarily.

Their communication was minimal, yet they tried to regain control over the others by roaring, which was deafening.

A few giraffes sat at the back of the room, their tall bodies looming over the other, while discussing something related to the teacher's subject.

The class room was also home to monkeys, who shrieked and ran around, breaking things in a hurly burly fashion, and chasing one another around the room.

It all seemed like a crescendo, where it only got more and noisier, until the whole scene reached peak madness.

The hyenas screamed and ran, while the parrots jumped out of the way to avoid being trampled. Their silky feathers fell ominously to the ground.

Flamingos lost their balance; pigeons flew as quick as can be, while giraffes hit their head on the ceiling.

The monkeys howled and taunted the hyenas. The tigers tore at both parties before an all-out war broke out.

The wiser, quieter animals stayed silent, while tigers smacked some sense into the creatures.

While all this pandemonium unfolded before them, the door to the classroom creaked open. A zookeeper of sorts peered in, debating whether or not to enter uncharted territory.

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