Silver Shroud (FNAF x Fallout 4 Oneshot) Ch. 1 Pt. 2
Silver Shroud (FNAF x Fallout 4 Oneshot) Ch. 1 Pt. 2 fallout stories

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(reader insert) It all started with a bag of chips. One snack lead to a night of horror within the downtown Boston area of Massachussetts. Ghosts of fortune, stories untold: in this little treasure trove, you find monsters abandoned in the alcove.

Silver Shroud (FNAF x Fallout 4 Oneshot) Ch. 1 Pt. 2

The first thing I see within is an empty stage, lights hanging only by a chain and rotting cardboard clouds hovering in the background of a brick wall.

Several party tables are scattered across the checkered tiles though some have been tipped over or severely damaged over the years.

Most of the remaining cone hats for birthday children have been eaten away by the dust mites and other tiny creatures.

There was another stage to the left that was blanketed in a royal purple curtain with silver stars peppering the fabric.

It's a shame the material was in ruin because it would have been a valuable resource for one of my many settlements.

I'd stop by the prize counter if my eyes were't pulled away by the sudden fidgeting coming from an unknown source.

I can't seem to locate the origin of the noise, so my feet tiptoe over the debris littering the floors until I stumble across a wall near the main stage.

Never would I put away my weapon simply to investigate suspicious activity, so like any sensible person living in the modern age,

I swap my guns for something more practical and small enough that I can hold with one hand. Ah, my trusty 10mm.

Not a heavy damage weapon, but it'll certainly take out a limb with the right skill.

My now free left hand gently knocks at the wall, examining the exterior in hopes of finding a false panel. Perhaps treasures of fortune would lie just behind it...

"Poor chum doesn't know what they b-b-be gettin' into."

My knocking stops a moment as my ears pick up a slightly distorted voice. Surely my ears deceive me.

"Oh golly, what you found there is no laughing matter, pal. I suggest you step away and move along."

Two voices now.

Ugh! The one time I don't scope out the building and scan the interior for signs of life is the one time I get ambushed!

Gun at the ready, I raise the pistol to the strangers where I'd imagine their heads would be. Much to my utter surprise, I spot the silhouettes of two upright standing animals: a bear and a fox.

While their feral, silver glowing eyes was the most astounding characteristic about these two, the dread really settled in when I realized they were transparent beings.

They were phantoms! "Holy shit, I didn't take the psycho. I didn't, I didn't. That idiot better not have slipped day tripper into my drink while I wasn't looking.

" Overwhelming levels of shock course through my veins, but my aim holds steady. These things weren't real. If that's true, I could just shoot through its head to test the theory.

Without a second thought, one shot is fired and followed up by a second for the other ghost.

What I expected was for the figures to dissipate or drop dead even. What I didn't expect was for the bear to give a hearty chuckle. "Unfortunately, someone's beaten you to killing me.

You're a few centuries too late." The next thing I knew, he was lunging at me. My gun had done no damage previously, so I take to shielding myself with my arms and equipped armor.

Eyes clamped shut, muscles tense and bracing for impact, but nothing happens. Instead, I find myself panting desperately for breath, vision coming and going.

From what I can see, the mysterious fox was gone as well.

"I'm losing it- I sh-should have brought the stupid ghoul with me just to confirm what I saw." My back rests against the wall behind me as I desperately try to regain my bearings.

That's when something new starts violently pounding on he wall. Those phantoms may have been a hallucination, but this was certainly not.

I scream and jump away from the walls, once more drawing my pistol.

"LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT!" The surface was bowing under the applied pressure of what I assume were fists banging from the other side.

Pained screams pierced through the pizzeria while whatever was back there tore violently at the wooden boards.

Years wore away at the structure, so naturally, they collapsed more easily as the attacker threw his punches until shards of the ancient planks fell to the wayside.

From this point, I could now make out a very real mechanical monster with psycho eyes staring back at me. Whatever he used to be, I could no longer tell.

Sorry, this calls for a shotgun. "Shut up! Break through that barrier and I'll put a hole through your miserable face.

Don't fucking test me!" My hysterical yelling was only met with more rampant fighting. Whatever this thing was, it desperately wanted to get to me.

There's no way in hell I'm helping this psychopath. I've seen what two centuries of being locked up has done to General Atomics and RobCo robots.

Many have turned into mass serial killers and I have no doubt the circuits of this animatronic have been fried as well.

"Pretty eyes and pretty bones.

Let me play with them!" Again, the creature forcefully shoves an arm through a new gape in the wall all the while fruitlessly clawing at the air in desperate hopes of reaching me.

"I can show you mine." That last part ebbed with fake charm. Disgusting!

A warning shot is fired towards my left, in the direction of the empty party room. "This next bullet is for you, you little shit." Just in case, I reload.

It's also a display of my seriousness and severity of the situation.

At last, the robot pulls away from the wall. "I just wanted to play, I'm so alone. It's so dark...

" I can tell he's backed a few feet away, but his glowing eyes, much like the phantoms', can still be seen from the other side. He's just standing there, watching me.

Shivers roll down my spine as the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I can hear his maniacal laughter. Whatever he is, he's dangerous.

Reminder: return with Strong, a couple mini nukes and have a heyday. "What a creep..."

"Are you going to hurt me too? I'm so tired of the cold... Why doesn't anybody love me anymore?" This was a girl's voice this time.

My attention is immediately drawn to the mutilated phantom chicken limping her way past the main stage. The left eye flickers wildly as if some wire was loosely connected.

Then again, she no longer had a body or wires to power her. After she stops speaking, her jaw falls limply until it her mouth is open so wipe that the jaw piece is resting against her bib.

"D-D-D-Do you want some piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizza? I'm starv-ing-ing-ing-ing. HE[?]LP [?]ME.[?]"

Oh God.

With calculated footsteps, I slowly back away from the ghost as she tries making her way to me. My back collides with thick plastic.

With a start, I confront whatever it was that I hit while also double checking that the approaching chicken is in my peripheral vision.

"Aw, what's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost!" Despite the physical contact I'd just felt, I face a new phantom, but this one is in the form of a rabbit.

He giggles and strums his guitar merrily. "I hear a soothing song will clear the mind!" The ghost then winks and picks up the Three Blind Mice tune:

"See how they run

They all ran up to the farmers wife

She cut off their tails with a carving knife HE CUT ME TOO.

Did you ever see such a thing in your life?"

"Ah, very good, very good song, but I really have to go-"

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