Silver Shroud (FNAF x Fallout 4 Oneshot) Ch. 1 Pt. 1
Silver Shroud (FNAF x Fallout 4 Oneshot) Ch. 1 Pt. 1  zombie stories

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(reader insert) It all started with a bag of chips. One snack lead to a night of horror within the downtown Boston area of Massachussetts. Ghosts of fortune, stories untold: in this little treasure trove, you find monsters abandoned in the alcove.

Silver Shroud (FNAF x Fallout 4 Oneshot) Ch. 1 Pt. 1

Aye! This is a one shot- Probably a two shot if people want a continuation of the story! This is also a reader insert for either boys or girls (you being the sole survivor of Vault 111).

A fusion of two worlds: Fallout and Five Nights at Freddy's. The pizzeria the survivor will be visiting is the same place from FNAF 1 and Springtrap is still locked in the secret room.

No spoilers though! There's some strong language ahead, no real gore and mention of fictional drug usage. The reader doesn't use said drugs.

Hopefully you guys have as much fun reading the story as I did writing it! Enjoy. <3

~Mare (Masquerade)

My head is caught between the throbbing of an irritating migraine and the boiling rage of having to put up Hancock's antics yet again.

That damn ghoul thinks he's got himself wrapped around my finger to the point that he can get away with anything. Admittedly, he can.

But today he's pushed too far! And God forbid he offers another "psycho" to "take off the edge" or else I'll go psycho on him! For the last time, I'm not going to live the "high life".

You'd think that after getting turned into a ghoul and having his flesh rot away, he'd stay away from that stuff.

But nooooo, he always seems to have an extra stash of Mentats on hand and ready to share with me (despite my repeated telling him I was just going to sell the chems regardless).

Earlier that day:

"Hey, look what Dogmeat dragged in! Attaboy, you're really getting the hang of this."

I can hear Hancock beckoning me over to find whatever my dog collected.

Unfortunately, I was in the middle of deep conversation with Nick and his most recent discoveries concerning the Mysterious Stranger. "Ah, I'm sorry.

I really need to check on him, but I'll be right back." Regret laces my words.

In truth, I was almost as curious about the strange man randomly appearing during combat and taking down my enemies as my synth detective friend was.

I'd rather hear what he had to say than see what my other two companions are doing.

"Ah, don't bother. I'll just walk with you." He waved his mechanical hand dismissively in my direction before landing it back in the pockets of his trench coat.

We headed towards the deteriorating bridge leading out of Sanctuary Hills and spotted a guy in a red coat patting an overly excited German Shepard.

They sat near the water's edge just below the bridge.

"What is it you wanted me to see, Hancock?" The beaming ghoul turns away from the dog, hand held high with some foreign object in his palm.

I have to squint just to make out its definite shape, but even then, I still can't identify what it is.

He's still smiling as he reads the label out loud. "They're 'Disappointment Chips'! Said to have a disappointing flavor and they're 'passable.

'" Sure enough, now that I'm close enough, I can see the purple bag encasing what must be chips.

"Where did you find those? I've never heard of them in my life."

Nick laughs at that and nods. "That's saying something considering you're pre-war. Eh, no offense, (y/n)."

I get it, I'm old. But these chips may be older and here Hancock is opening the bag as we speak! "What are you doing? They could kill you!"

"Wouldn't that be disappointing?" Much to my dismay, he winks after his own pun. "I don't know where they came from. Dogmeat got this little treasure for me.

Ain't that right, boy?" My dog barks affirmatively in response, wagging his tail all the while eyeing the ancient snack himself.

"Hey, go find Piper, Dogmeat, or play fetch with Codsworth. Go on." Dogmeat whimpers in protest, tilting his head slightly as if the cute puppy face would persuade me.

It almost does until Nick pats his leg once, gesturing the dog to follow.

"I'll catch up with you later, (y/n)." Then, he heads back towards the center of town with my dog, leaving me to handle Hancock on my own.

I would have replied had it not been for the sound of someone crunching on chips. Disappointment Chips. "Give me that-" I swipe the bag from Hancock as he makes a face.

I can only imagine it was as stupid tasting as it sounded and it only got worse with age.

My eyes scan over the backside of the package, hoping to find the name of whatever weird company had created this garbage. They're honest about their product's taste, I'll give them that.

"Fazbear's INC..."

"Wow, I'd say the rads only increased the flavor. Those tasted worse than that one time I-"

"You-! No more eating and putting weird things in your body! Who knows what was in these chips?

" That being said, my hand turns the bag upside down, releasing the remains of the snack into the wild. I'll dispose of the actual package later.

"You only live once and I intend to try everything. Live a little, (y/n)! I can't get any worse than I already am.

" He had risen to his feet, readjusting the flag wrapped around his belt, then left me at the entrance of my hometown.

I only wished this was the last idiotic thing that happened today, but fate would have it that Hancock would continue pissing me off while maintaining that sly smirk.

He brought over a bucket load of kittens and dumped them around town. I'm pretty sure Mama Murphy has three now. "Just being a good neighbor," he said.

Now we have a cat problem and I still don't know where they came from. Next, he was hiding on roofs and dropping wigs on people's heads, the bald settlers being targeted in particular.

Let's just say they were thoroughly offended by this action. I couldn't do anything but remind Hancock that he didn't have hair either.

Okay, it was a little funny to watch some people's reactions after a ball of hair fell from the heaven's and landed atop their heads.

But it wasn't funny when he coated all the handles in my house from the front door to the refrigerator with butter. Needless to say, he had me worn out to the point that I needed a break.

"You look so on edge... I think you could use one of these." Hancock is resting against a wall in my house as I scrub the butter away. He's holding a damn psycho chem in his hand.

Tossing aside the dirty rag I'd been using, I point an accusing finger at his chest. "You realize what that crap does? It puts you in a violent rage.

Now tell me, does it look like I need anymore anger in my life right now?" My hands wildly gesture at my shaking body.

"You look like a ticking time bomb ready to blow up the Commonwealth for a second time. Use the extra power of this to rip apart a roach or something. It's more fun this way."

"I can do that without the help of chems." That's when I exit my house as well as march myself straight out of Sanctuary Hills. Hancock was my main companion.

With his immunity to radiation and skill using shotguns, he was the perfect guy to travel with.

Normally he isn't this bad about being mischievous and more times than not, we're pulling off pranks together.

They remind me of the times I'd pretend to be the Silver Shroud for Kent and Hancock played along with us.

I'm sure he got the message that I'm thoroughly burned out now that I've left him behind for an adventure.

I needed something to distract my mind and clear this ever growing headache that seemingly spawned out of nowhere.

Fortunately, I know just the place that'll have all the action and intensity I need.


Boston, Massachusetts has become a hotspot from crime and a zone for all sorts of hellish creatures that deformed after the nuclear war.

Getting here was no simple feat, but it was far simpler than the brutes I'd been facing within the city. It's changed a lot since I was first thrown into cryo sleep.

So much, in fact, that I've had to clamber through all the downtown streets just to recommit the new map of Boston to memory.

I've been through most of the avenues crossing the center of the capitol and today I've spent the night strolling through the outskirts.

The occasional super mutant or scavenging raider didn't stand a chance against my plasma rifle or my plasma-infused shotgun.

However, the most ominous and dangerous enemy of the nighttime was the silence. Peering around the side of a withering apartment complex, my eyes fall upon yet another dimly lit street.

Let it be noted that once again, there's not a soul in sight. The only lively thing around is a neon lit up structure bearing the name "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

" The name doesn't immediately register in my head until the images of a specific someone eating Disappointment Chips resurfaces. This must be the same company.

"Looks like those chips really are as old as I am. I can't imagine what critters are lurking within.

" Whipping out my shotgun for close quarters combat, I load a few extra shotgun shells into the weapon. Ain't nothing surprising me.

Upon approaching the entrance, I finally make out the odd bear with half lidded eyes in the outdoor lights. Must be their mascot. I merely shrug and push open the doors.

At first glance, one might assume this used to be a restaurant for children. The kind of place I would have taken Shawn with my spouse.

Absentmindedly, my thumb caresses the metal band enclosing my ring finger. I miss my family. I swear to God I'm going to find you someday, Shaun...

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