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(x reader story) A childhood dream has come to life. A magical experience and opportunity to work at the ever popular Freddy Fazbear's Pizza was provided. Sadly, the reality and shadowy truth behind the beloved mascots is unveiled more and more with each passing night. A dance with tragedy and terror is what it takes to survive if only to find the truth.


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I Caught Myself - Paramore You got it, you got it Some kind of magic Hypnotic, hypnotic You're leaving me breathless I hate this, I hate this

The Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) hype is long past, but the story lives on in us all.

I wanted to create a story to recognize our favorite spring loaded death machine at least once and to hopefully rekindle some feelings we had for the characters as well as lore,

whether it be fear, hatred, admiration, curiosity, or deadly attractions. Therefore, I won't hold back the graphic details, the intense scenes and gruel. Take this as your warning.

Still, even as dark as the story rolls onward, there will be an air of romance and tragedy.

I also want everyone to note that this timeline is a little skewed.

The Purple Guy/William Afton is very much dead and he's still trapped in the hidden room (before he's removed in FNAF 3).

The animatronics are still functioning in this story even though we know in the canon story William destroyed them right before he died.

Lastly, these are Scott Cawthon's creations and I do not own them. I hope you all enjoy the show.

~The Masquerade (Mare)

We were all kids once. Smiling, running from our parents, and eating cheap pizza that always hit the spot.

I especially used to love the animals singing on stage with smiles on their faces. This is why Freddy Fazbear's Pizza was my favorite place to go as a child. My mother detested the whole place.

She said it was full of spoiled brats that were a bad influence on me, the food tasted like crap, the animatronics looked like they may have been designed by creepy old men, and most of all,

she could find a much better place to spend her money on dinner for us. Nevertheless, she knew this was my happy place for some...

ungodly reason and so she brought me back because it did something magical to me: it made me smile.

Looking back, I understand why she felt strongly against the production of the robots.

They are not as friendly looking as I recall and while I sit here with the same pizza I was served as a kid, it tastes cold and... quite frankly, like cardboard.

My eyes flicker up to Bonnie as his forced programming bring him to "dance" for the kids that weren't even watching. Bonnie. He was always my favorite.

The indigo velvet fur was so inviting and those tall rabbit ears never failed to bring a grin to my face.

There was one time I went up to him, outstretching my hand just once I wanted to feel the fabric that covered his metallic body.

The robot simply stood and stared down at me expressionless. I nearly brushed my fingers over the surface of his belly before my mother yanked me back into her grasp.

I could hear her telling I had gotten too close, that I "knew better" and I wasn't to go near them.

Any other time, I'm sure she wouldn't have payed much mind, but after the bite of '83 with Fredbear, she hardly allowed me to visit anymore. Still, Bonnie was forever my childhood buddy.

"Someday... I'll find out what your fur feels like." Nodding my head in his direction with a determined glint in my eyes, I swallowed another bite of pizza.

This whole meal was far overpriced for its quality. In fact, this whole place was overly expensive for the experience.

The employees and managers seem more like highway robbers and less than prideful towards the company. The restaurant was dirty and barely passing the health regulations.

Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and Freddy were in desperate need of a good cleaning. They didn't shine or smile like they used to or maybe my young memories falsely represented them.

"Ma'am, you've been sitting here a long while. What are you doing? Don't you have somewhere better to be? I would if I were you.

" Taking a quick sip of my soda, I look up to face the man interrupting my thoughts.

He looks like he's in his mid forties, scrawny build (fairly underweight as well), and in dire need of a good rest. Maybe even a bath and a haircut too. It was graying and wiry.

He swept the floor around me, his dark eyes never looking up to greet me. Obviously this was one of the employees hence his outfit and the broom for carrying out chores. Strange...

while the floor needed cleaning, my spot in particular was in far less need of a good sweep than many other places.

My cup is set down and I sigh not seeing the seemingly obvious problem here.

So what if I've been eating the same pizza for an hour or maybe two and it's gotten cold by now? So what if I haven't moved? I'm reliving my past. "As a matter of fact, I do have a place to be.

It's right here for now. I'm eating the food I paid for and I'm not keeping anyone from sitting down, so why are you eager to make me leave? Am I disturbing the other customers?"

"I just find it odd that someone would sit here by themselves for so long doing nothing but watching kids and ancient machines waste their time. You're wasting yours.

There's more for you out there than this ol' place can offer." Finally he lifted his eyes to my own.

Yikes! I nearly jump backwards in surprise and I don't mean to be rude, but who would let this guy work openly out here? He might scare the kids. He looks terrible and sickly.

"What happens if I like it here and I don't want anymore than the pizzeria can offer?"

"Haha..." What a tired and defeated laugh. "I'm telling ya kid, you have somewhere better to be. This isn't a good place for you and I suggest you go. Now.

" Geez, was that a warning or a threat? I can take a hint and I'm well aware that I'm not wanted here either way.

Begrudgingly, I rise to my feet and take the last bite of my pizza all the while staring him down. He's rather short, but that may also be because he's slightly hunched over.

"I'm not ready to leave yet... and you don't scare me. I'll leave when I'm ready, but all I'm currently ready for is a refill of my beverage.

" I grin and pick up my trash to dispose of it. Yet as I turn away, a frail and surprisingly firm hand grips my arm.

"Ugh-ah?" Alright, I've had enough of this treatment! "What the hell is your problem?

! Get off of me!" It's amazing how no one can hear me over the sounds of children and the prerecorded songs the animatronics sing. It's rather scary actually... I feel alone and in danger.

"You're a fool. But that's the kind of person the manager's lookin' to hire. If you're so willing to stay, find a real reason by getting a job.

But don't come back telling me how the truth about this place crushed your childhood vision because I won't be here. I warned ya now, don't be the fool you look like.

" With that, he let me go and took his broom elsewhere.

Hiring, huh? I shoot Bonnie one more glance before moving to the trash can and refilling my cup. This may not actually be the last time I see the crew for a while.

I could be back in a week or tomorrow even. What did that creepy guy mean by calling me a fool anyways? If anything, I needed this place just as much as it needed me.

So long as I don't have to work the same shift as him, I might even find the food more appealing than the floors he sweeps.

Once I get a second cup of my soda, I take a pitstop to the gift shop at the front of the restaurant.

Let's be real, everyone has a weakness for small stuffed animals and now that I finally have the chance to buy one for myself, my feet navigate to the nearest mini Bonnie plushes on their own.

At the counter to purchase the plush, there's also a keychain version. And check it out, the keychain plush squeaks if you squeeze it! How cute is that? Heck yeah, I'm grabbing it too.

Are they overpriced? Do you even have to ask? It's still worth the cost as long as I leave smiling... That's what my mother used to tell me anyways. "Yeah, that'll be $18.89.

" The cashier held his chin up boredly by his palm as he stared up with half lidded eyes, clearly tired of me already.

Yikes, even my mom would have said that's a little too much, but I just can't say no to his rabbit ears...

Casting my favorite animatronics a smile, I left the restaurant fully satisfied, soda in one arm, plush Bonnie in the other, with the keychain version hooked to my belt loop.

Climbing into the car, I rehearse my plan to return later, asking for an interview, and hopefully leave with a job by the end.

After all, that sweeping guy said the manager was looking for fools, so it sounds like I may be hired on the spot.

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