Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Easter Special! Pt. 1
Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Easter Special! Pt. 1 springtrap stories

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It's Easter at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria! Come join your friends on such a special holiday.

Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Easter Special! Pt. 1

Aye! This is not canon to the story. I know some of you may not celebrate Easter and if you'd prefer to skip this chapter, don't worry.

Again, it's not canon to the story and you don't need to read this to understand future chapters. Just an Easter one shot that's meant to be cute and fun.

A special addition to my weekly updates. I hope you all enjoy this little read and have a great Easter weekend!



I'm on dayshift. I've been working at this pizzeria for nearly a year now and the excitement glowing in a child's eyes when they see Freddy on stage still never gets old.

Currently, I've been stationed at the arts and crafts area. This is where kids have made plate pals and cute little drawings of their favorite characters.

We sometimes hang the best ones on the walls for everyone else to see. But today is Easter and there's cute little rabbits, eggs, and baby chick coloring pages laying around.

We have an egg dying stand and you can even make rabbit ears if you wanted.

It's too bad the animatronics are no longer allowed to walk around unattended anymore or else it'd be especially cool to have Chica or Bonnie helping the kiddos create something.

Instead, I sit in a seat next to a little red haired boy. His hair is especially curly and his tiny cheeks are peppered with freckles.

"Look! It's Foxy on the egg!" He holds his coloring page up to me to reveal a funky looking Foxy inside one of the pre-drawn eggs. I can't help but giggle.

        "Do you want to show him what you drew. I think Foxy will appreciate it."

        "Not yet, it's not finished." 

"Alright, alright. Let me know when you're ready and we'll go show off your picture." I smile genuinely, then leave my seat.

It's true, I may not be a huge fan of kids, but they have their moments. I cannot deny that.

Now, I stand by the headband making kits. I already have a nice headband. They have springs on top with little golden rabbits on the ends of the springs.

That way every time I move, they bounce around on my head. I bought these at the store a couple days back, I just couldn't say no.

Sherry, one of the waitresses, steps beside me and tugs at one of the rabbits so that it swings back and forth.

"You already have one of those, why are you making more, (y/n)?" She's smirking, one hand on her hip.

"It's for the kids. Extras in case they can't make their own." That's a lie of course. This is a special headband that I'm saving for someone else, but I can't tell her that.

Sherry seems to buy my act and rests a hand on my shoulder while I work on my project. A new swarm of kids crowd around this art station, fighting for the supplies we have laid out.

The anxiety of being in the middle of so many young people scares Sherry back to the kitchen. There's only adults in there.

It's a good thing I've just about finished my piece. It has two rabbit ears attached with a fine velvet fabric layer encasing the artificial appendages.

They only had purple velvet left, so hopefully that's okay- The inner ears have gold sparkles and sequins.

It looks good for what the pizzeria had! Proud of my creation, I side step to the egg dying stand. Here I make four adorable eggs, one with each animal representing the different animatronics.

Neat, yet simple designs are traced into the eggs before I dip them in their dyes. They'll have to dry, but it doesn't take longer than two minutes maybe.

"Hey, (y/n)! We've got a carrot cake and extra snacks in the back. It's first come, first serve." That would be Todd.

He's always looking out for me and heck yeah, free cake? Why am I even still standing here?

Grabbing my eggs and prized headband, I head into the break room where I find my fellow coworkers gathered around a table, plates in hand.

        Josh immediately finds me and points to the items I've created. "Dude, why all the eggs and stuff? Aren't those for the kids?" 

"Mhmm, I told ya she was up to no good, boys. But no one believes little ol' me." I didn't even notice Sherry.

There she is touching up her golden locks in a little mirror she set up in the break room. It was against boss' rules, but he never comes in here to notice anyways.

        "Yeah, bro." I shake my head all sassy like right back at his pointed finger. "They might be. Now I want my cake."

        Todd is already slicing a piece for me. "Already on it, sweetheart. Calm yourself. You're not you when you're hungry."

"Pfft, whatever. Don't tell me what I know." I can't help but laugh. These three are my pals. Having to work with them all the time has really brought us together these past few months.

I'm just lucky none of them turned out to be jerks.

Our shifts continue on like this for many more hours, but I plan on staying a little longer tonight as I usually do. It's Easter and I want to celebrate it with my favorite animatronics.

All five. I sit on top of one of the party tables with a little Easter basket at my side. The colored eggs I made are resting inside and the headband is in my hand.

At last, the watch on my wrist reads midnight, but I don't need a clock to tell when the kids are awake.

        "(Y/n)! You waited for us tonight!" Chica hurries off the stage, hardly noticing the rabbits on my head. 

Foxy approaches on my left. He, of course, notices immediately. "I thought you didn't have a favorite kid.

Are they little Bonnies or Springtraps?" His hook pokes at the mini animals bouncing on springs. They rock under his contact.

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