Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 8 Pt. 1
Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 8 Pt. 1 fnaf stories

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Note! Please see chapter 7 before continuing!

Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 8 Pt. 1

Mt. Washington ~ Local Natives

Digging like you can bury

Something that cannot die

Or we could wash the dirt off our hands now

Keep it from living underground

I don't have to see you right now

I don't have to see you right now

I don't have to see you right now

I don't have to see you right now


        “New pair of shoes... new outfit... makeup...”

Standing before my mirror, I look over myself one last time. I’ve drawn some scruff with brown eyeliners and lip pencils to give my face the look of a beard.

An oversized jumpsuit is equipped as well and a hat that I can use to cover my eyes.

Just in case, I’ve also rubbed extra eyeliner around my eyes to make them appear darker, more exhausted and I’ve drawn thicker eyebrows for myself. The last touch was putting my hair up.

        I look like a guy now!

It’s been a week since Freddy suggested I take a second glance at the newspapers I found,

a week since I started staying outside during the day hours with Springtrap until the hype for a missing girl at the pizzeria settles.

I’ve wanted to go home while Springtrap was out of commission, but the fear of him finding out and what might happen after he found my house was suffocating.

Still, it only took myself two days of convincing before I went home. I needed a bath, new clothes, and real food. After I was taken care of, I always returned to that secret place in the woods.

Obviously, I knew I wouldn’t get away with such a feat considering I looked far healthier than I previously had. Springtrap was ready to wring my neck when he saw.

He didn’t. He decided it’s better seeing me upset and mentally hurting than dead. His words were “You came back just like I said you would.

The best part is: I know where your house is now.” I didn’t believe that for a second until he, in incredible detail, described the bedroom I used to sleep in.

He even pointed that I had a Bonnie plush on my bed. The same one I bought along with the keychain.


        That’s why I’ve taken to wearing a disguise. Not only that but I can’t take the chance that someone might recognize me. 

Springtrap didn’t stop me from coming here in the day while my dad was at work, so I kept coming back. I could leave a note for my dad to find me...

but not until I make this “adventure” worth everyone’s time. I need more proof.

        “Hopefully no one recognizes me like this.”

The walk to the restaurant was not appreciated, I missed my car- I missed it more-so when I noticed the parking lot full of new vehicles, none being mine.

Seems they’d already towed it away from the pizzeria for further investigation.

The restaurant had reopened sometime yesterday. They had to bring business back or else the company would go bankrupt.

Though I know the Fazbear family is freaking over the fact that Springtrap has yet to reappear. When he does, no one will be prepared, I’m sure.

Over the course of the week I’ve been missing, I’ve noticed a strange blood lust the animatronic has accumulated. I’ve settled for it being a result of being trapped in a room for so long.

He died and this company covered it up. Perhaps it’s a revenge story?

        Yet, I haven’t dismissed the idea that he’s always been this way. That’s why I’m here today: to find out what happened and who this guy really is. 

Pushing open the glass doors, freshly baked pizza wafts through the air. I’ve already eaten, so this scent doesn’t appeal to me. Plus, I think I'm good on pizza for a lifetime.

Once more, I find myself stalking the corridors of this haunted building in search for answers I’ve nearly died for three times over. Speaking of... there’s the animatronics now.

They’re on stage, dancing and singing their catchy ditties proudly, acting as they were programmed to. It reminds me of the day I first walked in hoping to get a job.

Some shuffling in the corner of my eye disrupts my reminiscing. There’s someone sweeping the floors.

A tired and depressed smile decorated my face as I watch the new guy clean the area just like that creepy old man once had.

He’d warned of the trouble I might encounter the longer I stayed, but I smartly replied with arrogance. The man was right: I was a fool. I’m still here. I chose not to leave.

        Exactly as he said I would. 

A newly found frown replaces the smile and I continue my way towards the manager’s office. I don’t have a stink bomb this time, but I wouldn’t need one.

He wasn’t in his office and instead was in a conference with the rest of the Fazbear family to discuss “business.” Code word for the missing Spring Bonnie costume no doubt.

On a nearby wall is board full of papers and tacks. One page in particular sticks out to me like a sore thumb because my face is shown on it.


Have you seen me?

(Y/n) (l/n)

At the bottom of the page was further information about who I was. Instead of seeing the number to my dad’s landline, the police department’s was written in bold.

Chills erupt throughout my body as I stand amongst the hallway in silence. Seeing this poster makes me feel dead.

My fingers rise to my lips, I kiss them then rest the tips of my fingers against the missing person page. “Don’t worry, Dad. I’ll be home soon.

” Tears nearly prick my eyes, but I distract my mind with the current mission at hand. The office.

        My gloved hand finds the cold metal knob for the door and gently twists it. I’m so close to the answers, I almost shake with anticipation. 


The knob refuses to move anymore, no matter how many times I jiggle the handle and shove the door with my shoulder. I’m an idiot.

Of course the room would be locked! There’s information involving murders and children in there. My hands come up in the air with defeat, I’ve failed again.

My eyes clamp shut as I lean against a nearby wall, knees buckling while I slide down until I hit the ground.

I’d punch something out of frustration if my ears hadn’t picked up someone inside the office. Whoever’s there definitely knows I tried breaking in. Crap.

        “Shh, Fritz. We have to.”

        ”I’m not helping her anymore. She’s good as dead anyways, Susie.”

        ”You’re just a ‘meany-butt.’ Go then.” 

There’s a long pause afterwards. I remain frozen in place hoping no one exits the room or else they might spot me.

Not much to my surprise, the door opens, but I am shocked to see no one behind it. My legs immediately push myself off the floor as I lurch forward to enter the miraculously opened office.

“Thank whatever other worldly presences that just helped me get in here!” That being said, I close the door behind myself and march straight for the newspapers.

This time, I won’t make a mess of this place.

Immediately, I find papers about the original opening of the first diner referred to as “Fredbear’s Family Diner.” It would seem only Freddy existed at this point.

There was another animatronic friendly pizza restaurant that opened sometime before these places had. This one was called “Circus Baby’s Pizza World.

” Though it was open shortly and closed after a horrific accident. Huh, seems these entertainment facilities have a history of “inexplainable” accidents.

I scoff at the page and almost flip to another beneath it, but something on the page sticks out to me.

I don’t know why I look back, but my eyes felt like they were magnetized to another section of the news article. My eyes squint to read the slightly aged print.

It would seem the franchise continued even after the restaurant had been shut down by its owner.

Afton Robotics Incorporated Moves Locations!

Why? That’s stupid. The place had been opened for only a day and was immediately moved. Seems like a waste of money to me.

Now the robots were only used for renting out in the event of a birthday party and the crew was newly dubbed “Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rental.

” Funny how I don’t remember hearing about this place. It dates back to the early 80’s, so that explains why. It may not exist at all anymore.

At the end of the paragraph, I spot a name that makes me gulp. William Afton. So he was responsible for the restaurant and its animatronics.

That explains why I haven’t heard anything new from the company. The owner died at another company’s location! But why? How’d no one recognize him?

I growl in frustration.

Stupid William and Springtrap- I wouldn’t have to snoop around if he’d just answered my questions!

Better yet, if he hadn’t been killed, he’d still be alive and I wouldn’t be investigating right now.

My fingers drum against the office desk impatiently. I don't feel any closer to finding out who the serial killer could be even after searching these old papers.

My hands reach back to pull out the articles I'd stolen last week. Wow... that seems forever ago.

        My eyes rapidly scan the titles of each newspaper once more, hoping to find something I may have previously missed. 


"Two local children were reportedly lured into a back room during the late hours of operation at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza on the night of June 26th.

While video surveillance identified the man responsible and led to his capture the following morning, the children themselves were never found and are presumed dead.

Police think that the suspect dressed as a company mascot to earn the children’s trust."

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