Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 7 Pt. 3
Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 7 Pt. 3 springtrap stories

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Note! Please see chapter 6 before continuing!

Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 7 Pt. 3

”There was an accident. My fault, I know. I lived with it and tried to amend the situation, but she didn’t approve or like how I handled it. That’s all I want to say about the subject.

” Springtrap lays down as well. He sighs and watches the sky silently. I can work with his answers, I suppose. It'd be a real score if I knew what his real name is.

It’d be kind of weird if his mom named him “Springtrap,” so I’m betting it’s not that.

“You know my name. You even know my dad by this point. What’s your name? Wait- I bet I can guess!” The mechanical rabbit groans outwardly and waits for a guess.

He knows I probably won’t guess correctly, but whatever!


        ”I’m offended. Do I look like a Sebastian? I’m no pompous fool.” 

        Yikes... terrible guess that wasn’t even close. What’s a popular British boy name? “Mmm... Lucas, Harry, James? How about Jack?”

        "I know about a thousand Jacks. My name isn’t that overused and trite.” He hisses that last part out. Guess he doesn’t like many Jacks. 

        So he says his name isn’t too popular... it’s nothing pompous sounding... and it’s British? He seems like he was a sophisticated guy. Simple but bright. 

        I got it!

        ”How does William sound...?”

For a moment, he doesn’t say anything. I worry I overly confidently said the name and he’s got another smart comment to toss my way, but he doesn’t.

Instead, he finally looks over and nods.

I freaking guessed it right! Ah, I’m a genius! I deserve a reward or something because I was RIGHT.

I’d dance if I wasn’t so self conscious about doing that in the middle of the woods with a robotic guy. For now, I settle with sitting upright once more.  “That’s a nice name.

I should have said it first.”

"Yes, well, enough with the questions. You know too much already.” He sits upright as well, ear falling forward slightly. His eyes are half lidded and he’s hunching forward.

I don’t like that look- “I’m going to have to kill you now. Too bad, it was fun while it lasted.”

        Now, I'm sure my eyes are as wide as dinner plates. Fight or flight is kicking in as my heart begins to pump the released adrenaline through my bloodstream. Is he joking? He has to be-

Every time I think I’m getting somewhere, this guy threatens to kill me. William threatens to kill me. It sounds much worse picturing him as a person as opposed to a monster.

I immediately rise to my feet, whipping around and dart for the trees. Alas, he grabs my ankle and yanks so hard, I have no time to react appropriately.

My arms come up to my face to break the fall. He pulls me back by the ankle to where we were sitting. Flipping onto my back, I kick wildly unlike I had at the pizzeria.

This time, I fully intend to get away because I'm already outside the restaurant, not far from home.

"Shh... relax, relax." I know screaming pisses him off to the point that he'll probably break my spine in response and I highly doubt anyone could hear me.

Thus, I refrain from using my voice and continue throwing attacks his way. I land a nice kick to his hand. If he were still simply a human, it would have crushed his bones. He's not.

The rabbit keeps pulling me closer, gripping from my ankle, my shin, then my thigh until fighting is totally fruitless. He's got me again. "Relaaaax, I was kidding." Bullcrap.

You can't make jokes like these after having a history of trying to murder me. His hands stroke my hair in a soothing manner, built it doesn't work.

I try pushing off his chest, but freak when the material bows under the pressure, causing it to cave in.

Then, the golden chest piece makes a loud POP sound as it punches back out into its normal shape.

My head backs away from his chest in surprise while he laughs hysterically at my horrified expressions. "Haha, that's new." He's now rubbing where the popping had come from.

"Why do you like seeing me so scared all the time? It's horrible and demented." I sit shaking in fear, my voice cracked a bit.

While I'm no longer fighting him, Springtrap still keeps one hand on my shoulder to prevent me from running a second time.

He's still laughing at my actions and my stupid voice for failing to sound composed.

"I like it. It's funny." What a psychopath. I better note this and store it in my brain somewhere. It could have been one of the reasons his ex wife left him.

Finally, he's settled down enough to look me in the eyes. "Are you scared of me?" I swallow hard, intimidated by the intense gaze. I think he wants me to say yes, I'm terrified.

It's the honest answer. But... he seems to find joy in seeing me cowering like an animal in his own demonic way.

I try to formulate a response before his patience runs through, but it's difficult when he's staring at me like that. It's strange...

since I have to look up at him slightly, it almost looks like his silver eyes could be up there with the stars. They match.

I can feel his hand that rests on my shoulder now tensing with anticipation. Whatever I answer with could change the outcome of future interactions. "I guess... I'm curious."

That answers his question more than he bargained for. Not only did I tell him I am afraid, but I told him that even despite my fear, I keep coming back because he interests me.

"Curious about... me?" His stare drops for a moment, then wanders back up to my eyes. His hand slips from my shoulder, gliding down to my upper arm and elbow.

My own coming up to grip his arm as well. I can't let go. It's like I suddenly can't take control of the moment or myself.

What am I doing? I just figured out his real name and afterwards, he scared me for his own kicks. Yet, I scoot closer and mutter a "mhmm" in response to his question.

He seems lost in the situation as well. Lost, but unwilling to find his way.

I know the air is crisp. I know there's a soft breeze lapping my figure in the night, but the blush dusting my cheeks leads me to believe it's hotter out here than I originally thought.

For the second time, I pick up the fans whizzing somewhere inside him, trying to cool off the overheating systems powering the suit.

For so long, he has gone without any contact or interaction of this kind. He's afraid it will end and he won't feel it at all anymore.

        My eyes can't decide what to do until we're at last close enough. They flutter shut, our noses nearly touching.


WHAT the HELL am I doing? The reaction is immediate. I pull my hands away from him and hold them up in a defensive stance while I lean away from Springtrap.

He also remembers himself, pulling away as fast as I had. He turns his head from me though, so I can't see him and coughs awkwardly.

I nearly tried kissing an animatronic rabbit in the middle of the woods.

My, my- Life has certainly taken a drastic turn. "I think I'm going to go to bed now-" I can't look at him either. There's too much tension and awkward atmosphere between us.

It's only when I stand that I realize I have no where to go but to stay here with him in the grass. Oh God why. I turn back around having had another question pop into my head.

I need to face him directly despite my shame telling me no."How do you know I won't run away during the day?"

At this question, he turns to face me. The rabbit remains seated and places his head in his palm again. "I told you what would happen if you ran away.

I know how to find you, but I'm not worried either way. You're in too deep to back away now." The answer makes me gulp.

He's right, I know too much to abandon this mystery, but I don't know enough to appease the curiosity.

Earlier events slowly click in my head upon further understanding.

Springtrap answered my questions earlier because he wanted to feed me more information to whet my appetite, but not enough for me to leave full. I'm even hungrier than before.

He's satisfied with my look of despair and self conflict. With what I'm sure was a smirk, he lays down on the grass. "Good night, Doll."

My eyes stay locked on his back while I stand dumbfounded. I've made myself my own prisoner.

The worst part is that he no longer needs to act like there's a leash around my neck to keep me at his side as if I were some faithfully blind dog. I've done it all on my own.

        I pick the furthest patch of grass from the animatronic and rest there. I can hear him shuffling and turning around. My back is to him, but I know- I know he's watching me.

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