“...What happened?”
Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 7 Pt. 2 springtrap stories

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Note! Please see chapter 6 before continuing!

        “...What happened?”

Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 7 Pt. 2

Only when I stop watching, does he finally speak up. "So, what? The sky is everywhere. Notice how I can clearly see it while I walk.

" Unsurprisingly, he's seething with sarcasm and annoyance. I ought to keep asking questions just to piss him off, but it might end badly for me.

Thus, I hold my tongue for once and follow him out of town. He seems to know where he’s going. Not much has changed in the five years he’d been gone anyways.

There’s trees peppering the land for miles, yet the idea of getting lost in them doesn’t deter the rabbit. He simply pushes on until he finds a clearing.

It’s far enough away from the pizzeria that police won’t stumble across us, but not too far that we won’t make it back.

“Have you been here before?” There’s perfectly grown grass in this patch surrounded by pines. I take a nice spin, absorbing my surroundings before laying on the ground.

It’s so soft like a blanketed mattress or a kitten's fresh baby fur. Comfier than anything I’ve been sleeping on these past few days.

When Springtrap doesn’t immediately answer, I’m not surprised. He’s avoided just about every topic I brought up since I’ve been here. The rabbit does eventually sit down though.

He’s running a withered hand over the tops of the grass blades, simply watching them bend under his pressure. “I’ve been here. I’m not far from my own home. If only I could just...

” Springtrap stares into the void of forest between him and what may be the direction of his old home. He sighs, having fallen silent again.

This is the perfect opportunity to ask more about who he used to be. Freddy was dropping hints that I should look deeper into his past, but without getting caught.

For now, I’ll try to learn what I can from what he’s willing to tell me. “So, you lived over here.

” Nodding my head, I pluck at the grass trying to appear as though I was starting a casual conversation.

He’s not stupid. It’s not like I thought he was, but I’m beginning to realize just how difficult this interrogation would be.

Springtrap holds his head in the palm of his hand, elbow on his knee while watching me. He’s clearly not enthused to answer or play more of my games. “No shit. Really? I live here? Amazing.

Why would I want to have a house near where I worked?”

Okay, okay, I get it. But he did not have to go overboard with that answer. Geez, rude. I huff and sit back up, now I’m glaring back at him.

“Obviously, but I’m trying to ask why you chose this town. Was it a small house? Seems like it if you’re a little ways off roads.

” Deductive reasoning is all I have to rely on if I’m to explain why I’m asking such random questions.

“I didn’t choose to live in this town. I guess on my own volition I did, but it wasn’t my first pick.

” So someone else chose for him? Or maybe certain circumstances left him with this as the only option. “It was a fairly decent sized home. Had everything I needed. We had closets too.”

Closets? Why does that matter? Of course there’s closets. I almost retort that back, but I realize several crucial things and immediately shut my mouth. Firstly, he’s European.

They don’t typically have closets because many places require you to pay taxes on them. Closets are an American thing. Second, he said “we.

” “Family brought you to this town?” I stop poking at the dirt and focus more intently on him. I might actually get more information out of the possessed animatronic than I thought.

“Mmm... I suppose you could say that.” I wait for him to continue, but he doesn’t. GAHHHH. I’m two steps away from picking up these grass shreds I made and throwing it at him.

Someone else dig into his past because I’m giving up! “You look so disappointed, Doll. Your face is getting red with irritation.

” I must have been making a face because he had no trouble reading me. “If you wanted to know something, you could have just asked.”

I feel my jaw drop with frustration. My hands raise up and I have to refrain from making a choking gesture in his direction.

“Wow, because this whole time I haven’t been asking already!” With a groan, I fall back into the grass and stare up at the stars. They’re beautiful and relaxing to watch.

Especially when the only other option is to watch the decaying robotic suit that’s currently laughing at my ever increasing anger.

He scoots closer just to see my ticked off facial features which I turn away. Screw off.

“Fine, fine. Yes, it was family. Are you happy now? You can stop acting like a brat.” He waits for me to turn back around, but I don’t.

I’m aware I’m pushing several limits he’s clearly implied the past few days I’ve known him. I’ve received my share of beatings and scares to know. “I used to be married.”

What? Who’d marry this guy? My eyes open is surprise and I turn around hoping he’d share more. For once, I’m rewarded.

“She’s the reason I moved across the sea and found myself in this town. She lived in England with me for so many years and had gotten homesick.”

Would I be pressing too hard if I asked if he missed her or knew where she went? Maybe a name? “I wonder if I met her. This isn’t a big town after all.

I lived with my mother for a long while. Moved back with my dad not long after, but I’m still familiar with this place.”

“I doubt you knew her. She actually left before I met this fate. I don’t know where she is now. Not that I care anyway.” My face is blank. I don’t know how to respond or what to say.

What could have happened to make her leave him? Especially in her own hometown.

I’ve only scraped the surface of this guy's history, but I still don’t know about him. “That must’ve been hard.” How did he handle it? He seems just fine, but I can’t tell.

He has, literally, a steely exterior that I can’t break through.

        “...What happened?”

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