Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 5 Pt. 1
Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 5 Pt. 1 springtrap stories

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Note! Please see chapter 4 before continuing!

Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 5 Pt. 1


Aye, it's Mare, the author! I just wanted to say thank you guys soooooo much for your wonderful support and love for the story.

I enjoy writing for you guys and hopefully making your days a little brighter with a fun read to fill your time.

Also, I’m just so thrilled to see so many people reading this story and eager to see more of Springtrap.

You have no idea how excited I am to meet more people sharing my interests! Anyways, now that I’ve spilled my guts to everyone, let’s get back to the experience and on with our masquerade~!


It’s cold. So cold in this dark void. Yet, it envelopes me in a welcoming embrace, keeping me safe from intruders beyond this world’s reach. I can’t feel my limbs.

At first it’s scary. All I’ve ever known is having legs with toes and fingers extending from my hands.

        All I’ve ever known...

Did I have a life before this? Where am I now? How did I wind up in such a wonderful place? “Where are you? Where’s my baby girl?” What a strange voice, yet it’s oddly familiar.

He’s looking for someone.

        Dad. But why?

Suddenly, images of Springtrap, Freddy, and Chica flash through my mind. Black and white checkered tiles stretching endlessly, coming at me like waves of the deep ocean.

When I snap out of my thoughts, the darkness is all that remains. I’m in here, come find me. I don’t want to die.

Something begins tingling somewhere on my body, but I can’t recognize the location until I have mobility of my fingers.

Slowly, I regain control of my body, but the consequence of doing so results in a growing hostility of the void. It’s harder to breathe now and I feel more trapped than I did before.

No longer a blanket holding me, I am stuck in what seems like my coffin. My grave.

        “Is she dead?”

        ”Of course not. No one kills cockroaches with ease.”

        ”Don’t call her that, Fritz. But he’s right, I can hear her faint breathing. She’s just barely holding on.”

        “Whatever, Jeremy. It must be easy always being the favorite child.”


        ”Come on, Susie, let’s just go find Gabriel.”

        I don’t want to be alone.


My eyes regretfully pull open.

Though, it doesn’t make a difference because again, there’s only more darkness here and I’m beginning to realize that I am, in fact, trapped inside something large enough to hold me.

I can’t move. It’s too heavy and my body is still too weak. I’m not afraid of Springtrap if he comes back. He didn’t kill me last time, so he must not want me dead yet. Not like the others do.

I’m not sure how long I’ve been stuck here, but someone eventually opens the door to whatever room I’m in.

I don’t immediately see who it is, but I do recognize artificial lights coming from mechanical eyes. It’s enough light to reveal that I’m peering through holes cut out in some foreign object.

I can see the extra parts for the main four animatronics laying about the room on shelves and tables. Guess I’m still here.

Several hours earlier:

Springtrap towers over the girl’s body, hand resting under his chin in thought.

He knows he needs to move her somewhere safe before the pizzeria’s employees and manager come back in the morning; otherwise, they’ll take her away. Wow, what a lousy night guard.

She doesn’t even have a uniform on. Either she isn’t who he originally thought and she’s just some random girl that broke in after losing to some stupid bet or she really is incompetent.

He ought to give her more credit though. She got this far without dying. An impressive feat for someone so small compared to these robots.

Springtrap shakes his head dismissively, deciding he’d rather keep her a bit longer instead of allowing the living humans to find her.

He grabs her ankles, flipping the girl onto her stomach so that the gash on her back won’t rub against the unclean floors and get infected.

He drags her through the hole and across the restaurant. Of course Freddy’s crew spot him immediately. He’s not quiet nor trying to hide.

In fact, he’d flash them a wicked smile if it weren’t already permanently stretched across his face.

“What happened? I thought you four were more capable of taking out a little girl?” He laughs devilishly mostly to himself and continues on to the Parts and Services room.

Freddy, the one who assumed leadership of his crew, stands protectively in front of the other three.

The golden rabbit has no reason to come for them, but it’s be incredible foolish to let their guard down. Oh how he relishes seeing the look of horror in their eyes.

They thought he was gone forever. He was dead, but then... so were they. Yet their killer now stands, very much alive(?) and holding their night guard by the legs.

He’s going to be a problem for them in the future. They had every reason to be afraid.

Meanwhile, blood still trickles from the open wounds on the girl and trails behind the two. He’d have to clean it up afterwards. What a shame.

It really does liven up this miserable place. Springtrap holds open the door and pulls the body in.

There’s a Freddy suit nearby but it needs to be gutted of its metal beams and cross wires if he wants to use it as a hiding place. Which he does...

Using the raw strength this form gives him, it’s not long before the suit is hollowed and safe enough to place the girl. He shoves the head on last, locking her in.

Boy has it been a while since he’s put anyone in one of these. Glee and excitement rushes through him like he was just injected with an adrenaline shot.

If he still had veins, he’d feel it coursing through him in the way it used to. How exhilarating.

He hums a satisfied tune while marching his way to the supply closet Bonnie was oddly fond of. Inside was a mop and some cleaner. No need for bleach.

It’s not like anyone will be searching for a body and use black lights to find the stains. Springtrap grabbed it anyways. It would be more fun.

It’d be like old times and he’d get to do it in front of the kids. What a sadistic plan.

Soon he’s back at the blood trail scrubbing it off the floor while on his hands and knees. His puffball tail might shake from time to time.

He then uses bleach afterwards to go back over the tiles with the mop. That way it doesn’t remove the gold of his costume.

“Foxy, I need you to come here.” The rabbit doesn’t look up. He’s still mopping the floor. He's halfway done with the floors.

Golly, whoever was in charge of scrubbing the tiles during the day did a piss poor job. Things have certainly changed since he last worked here.

        Freddy steps forward, a protective aura about him. Whatever, this doesn’t even phase Springtrap. Not this serial killer. 

“Foxy.” This time, he looks up from his work, resting his arm on top of the mop’s handle as he relaxes against it.

He lids his eyes halfway and watches the one eyed fox quizzically as if wanting to see how he’d react.

“I would hate to break Freddy a new mouth, but the way he’s standing makes me feel veeeeeery threatened. So, I suggest you come here, Fritz.

” Of course he's being sarcastic about being intimidated, but the main point is clearly understood.

It's also understood that if the red robotic animal didn't listen a second time, his head would probably be ripped from his body and mounted on the nearest wall.

Freddy doesn’t move from his place, but he knows Foxy will. He mentally flinches at the mention of his real name used by his killer, but approaches anyway. “That’s a good fox.”

Springtrap reaches down to pick up the rag he’d used on the floor earlier and now brings it to Foxy’s hook. Unsurprisingly, the red animatronic visibly recoils and almost backs away.

How ironic that the power belongs to the rabbit, the fox cowering in fear. Dried blood decorates the shined metal, but it comes off rather easily.

“I’d tell you to put your hook in the bleach to remove the remnants, but I don’t care.

” Springtrap begins carting the supplies away from the party room after he’s all finished covering his tracks, but stops a final time to address the dead children.

“Here’s the thing, kiddies, you failed to catch the girl, so I picked up where you screwed up.

This one is mine now and if you think about so much as landing another hand on her, I’ll find a way to kill you again and again until you learn your lesson.

” Pleased with his speech, he leaves the room. He's always been possessive of his victims.

Freddy clutches his microphone tightly, considering throwing it down the western hallway where he’s gone. It won’t matter though.

        “Do you think he’s going to kill her immediately?” Chica glances at the door she last saw the body was disposed of behind. 

Bonnie sighs and finds his place back on stage, ready for the six a.m. clock to go off. “Dead girl walking. If he hasn’t killed her already, it won’t be long now.

He doesn’t like keeping victims around. You know that.”

        The chicken finally tears her eyes away from the door then glances at her friends. “We should check on her later then.”

Foxy snarls and stalks towards his curtains. “Don’t be stupid. She’s still a night guard and she’s supposed to be dead.” With that, he yanks the purple cloth around the curtain rod.

Maybe he’s upset that he failed to finish her himself. Maybe he’s upset that in failing to kill her, he’s sentenced her to a worse fate.

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