Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 10 Pt. 3
Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 10 Pt. 3 springtrap stories

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Note! Please see chapter 9 before continuing.

Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 10 Pt. 3

Springtrap steals a glance at Foxy, the fox unfolds the paper he'd been clutching in his palm. It's the same paper they'd found earlier in the office.

The red animatronic nods before turning to walk away from the party room.

"Springs! Come dance with us!" I swear, when he turns my direction, he looks straight through me.

Instead of hearing the music and merry cheers of the children around me, I could only hear the groans of pained beings, the aching joints emitting from the old machinery,

and grinding of leftover bones drowning out all other sounds. As quickly as the horrific daydream came, it was already gone. Springtrap was again by my side, seemingly back to normal.

A cold sweat was setting in and despite Springtrap not being able to physically feel, he could certainly sense the change in atmosphere around me.

Even Chica and Freddy pause a moment, casting spooked looks my way.

"What's wrong, Doll?" He rests a reassuring hand on my shoulder, hoping to see me ease up once more.

I shudder and shake my head to clear my mind. A fresh smile paints my face. "Yes, I'm okay. I-I just... felt weird for a second. I'm okay now."

So much for alleviating the doubt in everyone's eyes. They all look even more disturbed now. "Maybe you've over exhausted yourself.

Dancing is tiring on the body and you've been awake for far too many hours at a time-"

"No!" Springtrap shuts up, eyes widening with shock at my tone. He almost looks offended. "I'm sorry... I meant that I'm really fine. I took a nap earlier anyways.

Don't worry so much about me, please. I just... don't want to waste time during such a precious experience over a minor trifle. I'm really having fun, guys."

The three robots share skeptical glances amongst one another before Bonnie shouts loudly in our direction. He must have picked up on everyone's unease and is trying to help me.

"Footloose () is coming on, so I wanna see some loose feet!" Sure enough, the music picks up, volume turned up slightly to cut off further pesky communication. Bless you, Bonnie.

"Can we play Love Shack () next?!" Chica has to shout over the song just to be heard.

My face turns tomato paste red at the suggestion and naturally, I turn to face another adult for help. Unfortunately, the only other adult is laughing at me. I'll get no help from him.

Damn you, Springtrap.

"Dear, I think that might be a little too inappropriate.

Maybe next time, okay?" Sure, she and the others might not entirely understand the song's context, but I also can't picture myself dancing with Springtrap to the beat of the Love Shack.

I mean seriously, when the part about banging on the door comes on, I'd be scarred for life.

Chica is mildly disappointed by my response, but it's not long before Footloose works its magic on her.

A couple songs follow afterwards, exhaustion noticeably wearing us down. Me in particular.

Springtrap had taken to letting me rest my head against him for a few minutes at a time until I regained enough energy to dance again.

There was one point when Bonnie messed up the lights and they started rocking back and forth, flashing like strobe lights. Despite Springtrap being mad, he looked kinda funny.

Needless to say, Bonnie was quick to resolve the situation. Freddy even offered to take his place for a while which he gladly accepted.

Things settled down at last until finally, the last tune of the night came around. It was slow, thank God.

Instead of holding onto Springtrap the same way I had for the first slow song, I settled for wrapping my arms around his midsection and laying my head against his chest like a pillow.

I can barely dance anymore, so I've also decided to stand on his feet. That way whenever he sways, I do too. I'm too tired to care if tomorrow I'll feel embarrassed about it.

Besides, he didn't mind at all, so I'm sure it's okay.

"This is probably my favorite song."

His favorite? My closed eyes open for a moment as I listen to what's playing. It's Sailing by Christopher Cross (). Part of me is surprised, but I shouldn't be.

It's very nice and tranquil. I'm not saying anything about this guy is 'calm and comforting.

' The dude's got issues, but I imagine when he wasn't battling his head, he may have been an outwardly, charming guy. The thought brings a soft smile to my face and I nod slightly.

"It's pretty... maybe a little sad."

"There's nothing wrong with wanting to find peace and having dreams." If he wasn't gently swaying the two of us, I'd think he was trying to lull me to sleep.

His fingers play with the loose stands that had fallen around my face and he's using a lower tone than normal. It's gentle and smooth. I hate that I can't keep up.

My eyes eagerly fight to stay open and I desperately try to make conversation, so I rest my chin on his torso and look up to speak. "Dreams? Yes, of course.

It just sounds like he'd rather be in a fantasy world far from this one. Like... his reality is a struggle every day."

"It is."

I frown, gaze shifting to something in the background while I think. I hope the artist's life has gotten better, so that he doesn't have to dream about happier times.

"Do you feel that way, too?"

The rabbit's chest vibrates with a soft chuckle. I'm worried the answer will be 'yes' because I already know the struggles these people are forced to face. "I do...

but I feel better with you." His honesty cuts through my concentration like a dagger. I find myself looking back towards him.

The expression on my face is full of disbelief and I wonder if I've started hallucinating, but when I feel his fingers abandon my hair and delicately gracing my chin,

I know I must have heard him correctly. And just like that, flashbacks to that specific night in the woods were we had gotten this close but pulled away last minute blaze in my head.

I can't kiss him, but I don't see myself pulling away either. We settle for the second closest thing which was bumping noses and resting out foreheads against one another.

My breath hitches when I feel him nuzzle ever so slightly as the song comes to its conclusion.

Sadly, the moment doesn't last nearly as long as I would have liked. Foxy interrupts with a sigh resulting in one of Springs' eyes opening. He hasn't pulled away though, not yet.

"Don't you think we should let 'er get home? It's getting late. I'll walk her to the door."

That's when he regretfully pulls away from me and I step off his feet. "Alright, but give us a minute please." Foxy squints his eyes slightly, but doesn't say anything to argue back.

He steps a few feet away to give us some space, but I can still feel his gaze piercing through me. "(Y/n), thank you. You've made everyone feel more alive than we have in a long time.

Will you meet us here again tomorrow? There is something I need to show you." He places a hand on my chin again and of course, I nod positively to him in response.

"Lastly, you look beyond fatigued. Are you sure you'll be okay enough to make it back?"

"What did I say about worrying over me?" I smirk and try my best not to laugh. "I'll be fine. I'll see you tomorrow and... thanks for the dance.

" I flash him one last smile before following the fox to the entrance of the pizzeria.

"Foxy? Why do you hate me so passionately?" I'd say everyone has grown to love me to some extent except for him, so why?

"I don't hate ye. I just think yur an idiot."

"It it because I accept Springtrap?"

The fox sighs and stops before the restaurant's doors. "I swore up and down the rabbit hated you and was playing you like a fiddle until tonight.

He underestimated his own yearning to have a life again. In other words, he's fooling himself into thinking he can have another chance.

I'm the only one who saw exactly how this was supposed to end and now he sees it too. It's inevitable. Yur existence has only made it harder for my friends to accept."

What is he talking about...?

"Confused? You won't be fur much longer. But fur now, allow me to put it into simple words for a simple person. We're dead, lass, and we don't belong here. You have no place among us.

" Foxy pushes open the glass door with his one hand, then gestures for me to leave with his hook. I'm left speechless and hurt.

I never meant any harm and if anything, I feel like I've only brought good things since I came along. He's right about me not having a place among them. It wasn't meant to be taken harshly.

He's only pointing that I'm alive and I still have a life to live. I shouldn't give it up by spending these years they never had with the dead.

"...But I can't just walk away from this either." I step through the doorway, bare feet cringing against the harsh cold of the concrete.

"I'm afraid you won't have a choice." With that being said, Foxy closes the doors and locks up the building as I found it. I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to everyone else-



The end of the story is nigh! I apologize for the delay of this piece, but I had my high school graduation and party over the weekend.

Plus, family from across the country was visiting, so I didn't have the time to finish the chapter before Sunday. I'm sorry! There's only one chapter left, my fellow masqueraders.

That means we have to make it good and worth while.

I can't wait to see everyone's reactions to this and next weeks updates! Once more, thank you so much for the support, the favorites and living this experience with me.

I'll have more to share on future stories next week!


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