Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 10 Pt. 2
Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 10 Pt. 2 springtrap stories

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Note! Please see chapter 9 before continuing.

Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 10 Pt. 2

A brisk breeze rolls over my exposed shoulders. Gliding over the once smooth skin. It leaves me in goosebumps and chattering teeth. Right, I should at least go inside.

My courage is far from gathered before I reaffirm my grip on the handle. I'm simply doing this out of necessity to get out of the cold.


Exactly, how many locked doors have I stumbled across since I met this group? Far too many for my liking. Of course the restaurant would be closed up for the night, but still.

My train of thought is interrupted as the door lock is fiddled with from the other side.

Next thing I know, it's swung open and a whole swarm of butterflies erupt in my belly all over again. Oh, it's just Freddy. "H-Hey, Freddy. How goes it?"

The animatronic bear blinks twice before gesturing for me to come inside. He turns around to face the hallway, right arm held out so that I may take it. Ah... this isn't weird at all.

"I'm well. Aren't you excited? I know we all are. Some more than others maybe... but the statement still holds."

Finally, I take his arm and proceed with him down the hallway, making sure to take as many small steps as possible to halt the inevitable confrontation with Springtrap.

"I'm just a little nervous, I guess. I didn't try too hard for this, right?" It was simply a fun idea Springtrap had come up with.

Just a little event back at the pizzeria so that we could play music to dance to. This wasn't like a date or anything because we aren't like that. It's impossible anyhow.

Yet, if you looked me over, you might doubt it. I've given a lot thought and effort to hopefully appeal to whatever might catch his eye.

"No no, you're doing just fine. If anything, I thought we were overdoing it.

I worried you'd show up all casual and run right back through those doors because we blew this out of proportion, scaring you off. We just finished removing the dirt from Spring Bonnie.

You did quite a number on him." He laughs lightly at me.

"Oh, sorry about that." I hardly notice that we've already entered the party room. Most of the tables had been shoved against the walls to provide more space.

Three robotic animals stood at the center of the room, but my eyes instantly fall on Chica.

This is because she's trying to blow one of those party horn things that roll out when they're filled with air.

Unfortunately, she doesn't have the lungs to make the toy work, though she continues trying different angles as if it'd make a difference.

I stifle a giggle as Chica tosses the object somewhere over her shoulder. But now that there's nothing left to distract me further, my eyes indolently land on Springtrap.

My muscles tense and an awkward kind of fear knots within my body. He's certainly free of mud now and his fur is probably the most gold I've ever seen it.

He, as well as the others, needed a thorough scrub so badly, but after seeing his transformation, I'm realizing just how desperately he previously needed the wash. Fortunately, he got it.

Aside from that, the rabbit looks just the same as always: his purple bowtie clinging to his chest piece, his one good ear held high and the silver lighting in his eyes were as bright as ever.

His gaze is paralyzing me both in a good way and also a haunting reminder that he's still just as dangerous and threatening as he's always been.

I hardly notice Freddy unraveling his arm from mine. My captivated stare is broken when Foxy's ear twitches spastically before he "clears his throat." Right.

At last, Springtrap comes forward, opening his mouth to speak as he approaches me.

"Doll, the children and I-" He pauses a moment, cocking his head to left and eyeing my shoes which my hands still held.

With a heavy sigh, I answer the nonverbal question. "Ah... you see, even with these on, I still won't be as tall as you.

" I don't imagine he's the kind of guy to love jokes, though he visibly relaxes at my response. I can practically hear Foxy rolling his eyes in distaste. "Really I struggle walking in heels.

I figured going barefoot might be safer."

"Just be cautious that I don't step on your foot. I'd crush your toes." I know he'll be careful enough, but nod anyways. Once Springtrap finally reaches my space, he bows.

The gesture makes me swallow hard, anxiety rising hastily to the back of my throat. Chica claps her hands and nods supportively from the background.

As if on cue, the moment the golden rabbit stands up again, the pizzeria's lights dim lowly. Mostly pink and purple colored tint covers the stage lights, casting an enchanting atmosphere.

Bonnie must be the one working behind the scenes. "May I?"

His arm is outstretched towards me, beckoning me to take hold. 'Do it, do it, do it. You're going to be okay. Don't mess this up, everyone's watching you.

' My mind races wild, but before I can think any longer, my own hand reaches out to meet his. God, he's scary even when he's not trying to be. "So tense...

I don't think I've ever seen you relax. Maybe you were born filled to the brim with worry." He snickers to himself and pulls me to the dance floor, my shoes are dropped behind us.

In response to his mocking, I scoff. "How tall are you? Like seven foot or something? I haven't exactly gotten used to being surrounded by mechanical giants yet.

" For a moment, I forget how nervous I am. Oh, he's pocking fun at me because he knows my retaliation soothes my anxiety. The knowing look on his face only confirms my suspicions.

(A/N: Reminder, this story takes place in the 90's, so the only songs I will list are from then and older.)

Someone starts up the first song, playing it softly over the restaurant's speakers. I recognize it to be Don't Dream it's Over by Crowded House ().

This song has been one of my favorites because my dad and I used to sing it together in the car. Mom didn't care for it much.

Back to the present, Springtrap rests his hands on my waist. He kept his hands high enough on my waist so that I wouldn't feel uncomfortable or grossed out.

I reached up to rest my arms on his shoulders. I can work with this... It's a simple start. Though, being this close to someone leaves me with little places to cast my awkward stares.

I am reduced to look up at him as we dance together, confronting my inner fears.

Somewhere on the sidelines, Freddy is dancing in circles by himself and Chica is trying to swipe the scowl off Foxy's face.

"As I was previously saying, the children and I worked hard to make this place perfect. I admit, I did have doubts you'd show up or maybe we'd tried too hard in wanting to impress you."

I raise an eyebrow in response, almost wanting to laugh because I'd been so overwhelmed with fear when all along, they had too.

Even so, we'd all overcome the burdens of stress and look what wonderful things came out! "It's beautiful. I think we can all agree that everyone's hard work certainly paid off.

And you look rather dashing too." I throw in a lame wink at the end which leaves him laughing.

The rabbit shakes his head in protest, finding it difficult to believe that anyone would see a rundown animatronic attractive. It's kind of weird, honestly.

But he felt lucky because even if his vessel was metal, he was still human on the inside. Literally.

"Come now, if there's anything eye catching around here, it'd be you, Doll. I adore the dress, it matches me." I tsk and blush bashfully.

"What, you think it'd look better on me?" He pulls his left hand away from me to pose and wink suggestively.

Okay, no no no. "Ha ha, very funny. I'm going to pretend I didn't picture any of that.

" There's a chorus of giggles between us before Springtrap replaces his arm above my hip, pulling me close to him once more. I... don't seem to mind the close proximity anymore.

"It might be just a little too small for you, Springs. Oh! That's the new nickname I came up for you since you have one for me. It's not very clever like yours, I know.

But I felt like I needed to come up with something for now."

"Really? It took you this long to think of something to call me?"

"Hey! I didn't think it would be necessary. I thought I would have been gone by now."

"But you're not."

"Because I... chose to stay."

The previous song had long since past. Now something I've never heard before and much more fast paced comes on (). Springtrap is quick to break away from me, giddy to try something new.

I can see from Bonnie's shadow that he's dancing wildly over by the stage, his ears bouncing up and down. Even Foxy taps his foot. Uhh... I must have missed something growing up.

"What, never heard this one before?" Springtrap startles me with his sudden question. I turn around to face him and shake my head negatively.

It's embarrassing that even the kids know it, but I don't. "Don't feel bad. It's the oldest one on the track. Here, let me teach you how to dance to it." Hmm... he's radiating with joy.

Note to self: Springs loves sharing his knowledge with people he appreciates. The rabbit stands beside me, waiting for me to copy his pose.

At first, I stumble and struggle to keep up, but I'm surprised to see he's rather patient with my many mistakes. Before I know it, we're dancing together in nearly perfect sync.

However, when I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston () comes on, I don't need dancing lessons. Chica is by my side faster than Springtrap can even process the situation.

The two of us dance like no tomorrow, preaching the lyrics despite the fact that neither of us could match Whitney's musical talent.

Nevertheless, Freddy also finds himself stamping around amongst us. Poor Bonnie, I'm sure he'd do anything to dance with us.

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