Blood and Steel on Commaful?
Blood and Steel on Commaful? blood stories

killerlikecandy ✧ * ✧  Our Masquerade ✧ * ✧
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Will there be a future for the FNAF fanfiction "Blood and Steel" on Commaful?

Blood and Steel on Commaful?

It's come to my attention that people really love Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader).

I didn't want to post it on Commaful because it's really difficult to use especially for my longer chapters and not an ordinary place for stories, BUT I've found a solution.

I can post a new chapter every Sunday as I would on Wattpad and Quotev with its own post. I'll label each chapter so they stay in order and it's easy to navigate.

Cool? Great! I'll upload the previous chapters I've already written for the other sites that way you guys are caught up.

I'm so thankful for the support and love! Here's to more chapters and more masquerades!

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