Blood and Steel (Blood and Steel) Ch. 3 Pt. 3
Blood and Steel (Blood and Steel) Ch. 3 Pt. 3 springtrap stories

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Note! Please check chapter 2 before continuing!

Blood and Steel (Blood and Steel) Ch. 3 Pt. 3

My hands reconnect with the bat's handle and swing harshly against the blockade.

I'm satisfied when my ears are filled with a loud crunching sound and there's a massive mark left in the hidden door. Again and again I take a strike.

It's actually fun until my weapon gets caught in the hole I created. That's when the fear and mortality seep back into my body. A reminder that I'm not here to wreck havoc but to avenge the dead.

Now my hands pull and pry at the wooden boards until they give way from the wall, creating a doorway.

Alas, I don't get away unscathed and earn a fairly decent cut from the wooden teeth of these boards. Blood leaks from the wound, but not enough for me to worry.

The inside of the newly found room poses a bigger threat than my escaped blood.

There's a void before me and a foul odor that chokes the air out of my lungs, leaving me in a coughing fit as I stare into the darkness.

If the kids aren't in here, then something else definitely is and it's very much dead. I need a flashlight to see what's on the other side, but I'm too afraid to leave my bat behind.

I need two hands to wield the weapon, but I'll have to settle for one hand if I want to use the other for my flashlight.

Inside, I immediately see three out of commission arcade machines.

Wires poke from their sides and one of the three has a large crack across its screen as if someone punched it in a fit of anger.

The light lands on the ground to see several clumps of dirt and an odd stain on the tiles.

It's small and looks black, but as I drift the light further to the right, these stains grow larger until they land on what must have been the original source.

It was probably once blood, now dried and clinging to the floor as well as the figure sitting against the wall.

I want to scream in surprise that I hadn't seen it earlier, but I'm too afraid I might disturb it. Does it still work? Why is this one locked away?

I walk closer out of curiosity to further examine the remains of this animatronic, yet err on the side of caution should anything go wrong.

It's a rabbit much like Bonnie only this one has a slightly bulkier build and he's yellow. He's taken some damage probably as a result of being left to decay in the dark.

There's an unnatural smile stretching across his head and a little purple bowtie still clinging to his chest.

The rabbit's ears hunch over this unmoving form, the palms of his hands are turned upward, and his eyelids are closed as if the machine was sleeping. Seems like I vaguely remember this guy...

He reminds me of Fredbear which would make him his buddy and backup singer: Spring Bonnie.

They disappeared one day without a proper explanation to the public and I seemed to have found where they went. This one, at least.

        "Robots don't bleed. What's wrong with you?"

Again, I want approach him, but I remember that I have so long to be here before the crew awakens and opening this room took far too long.

Looks like I'm going to have to leave him here for now.

Heading back to the stage, I find the three other animatronics where I left them. We'll start with Chica because she's closer.

My hand passes in front of her magenta eyes just to check her consciousness. She has the prettiest eyes. No reaction. "I'm sorry for what I'm about to do...

" I need both hands for this, so the flashlight and bat are discarded. This allows me to pull apart her beak and look down her throat. "Ugh... teeth... You're the last animal that needs teeth.

" My eyes abandon the built in white around her mouth and focus on the darkness within her mouth. Again, the stench blinds my senses, red flags firing. "Flashlight- I need the flashlight.

" I'm doing the best I can to avoid breathing as I grab the light and shine it into her mouth.

I about fall over when I see the tufts of golden hair tangled, mangy within the chicken's body. There was someone inside.

My feet immediately back off from the chicken, her mouth still open, frozen in place. The articles swim into my memories.

The dead children that have been missing for so long have been here the whole time. I was right and it sickened me.

My hand covers my stomach in an attempt to sooth the bile wanting to rise into the back of my throat.

"Five missing children, but there's four of you here..." My mind flashes pictures of Spring Bonnie's bloodied room, but I refuse to believe the fifth child is there.

"Where's Fredbear...?" I'm walking through a graveyard. This is no longer the place of my childhood. If these kids were still alive, they'd be nearly as old as I am. Once more, I look at Bonnie.

He's still clutching something in his left hand. My keychain.

        My watch points that it's just turned midnight, so I drop the flashlight and instead hold the bat up, ready to swing at him if he even thought about moving. "You have something of mine."

The rabbit stands still as if he were pretending I wasn't right in front of him. I know he's awake. I know because the other two have turned their heads to see me.

Chica's mouth is no longer open to reveal her secret.

"Bonnie." This time I speak more fiercely and clutch the bat a bit tighter, more blood spills from my hand. I'm not going to hit them.

I don't want to hurt these kids, but I will if they try anything like last night.

At last, the indigo machine brings his red eyes downwards to face me. His arm outstretches, making me visibly flinch. He opens his hand to me and there lies my little Bonnie plush.

As I go to reach it, something sharp lands on my skin. It gently scrapes across the front of my neck and its source is something from behind.

I can't see what's threatening to cut me, but I can feel it enough to picture the metal being a hook. Foxy's hook. I'm an idiot. How could I have forgotten him?

Chica shakes her head in disappointment, her country accent almost taking the edge out f her voice, "Hmm... you got a second chance. I wonder what that's like...

" Her voices trails off as if she were remembering something. Just like the night prior, her eyes once again shift to the white pinpricks. "What a shame you wasted it."

That said, Foxy's hook comes up and this time it lands harshly into my back, tearing through my shirt effortlessly,

ripping through my layered skin all the way down to my waist while I emit a loud, bloodcurdling scream. The bat in my hands fall to the robots' feet with a clamorous clang.

When the hook comes out of my back, I bolt off stage towards the eastern hall.

"This time, get her." That was definitely Freddy's voice. It seems Foxy alone will be collecting me tonight. It wouldn't be long before he caught me.

After all, he's the fastest and I'm cut wide open. I scream, hoping someone might hear me, but we all know there's no one to save me. Worse, the red fox has already managed to get ahead.

He's blocking the bathrooms and east hall where the exit lies. I only have the option of running back to the other robots or...

The darkness is strangely inviting. I can't tear my eyes away from the hole I put in the wall earlier.

And suddenly, I can no longer control my own limbs as I find myself slipping back into the mysterious room. Foxy screams at me from behind, lunging forward, but for once he was too slow.

I'm gone. Now I stand, facing him from within the darkness and backing slowly away. His head jerks left to right, looking for where I went. He can't see this room.

It's against his programming to be here. I sigh in relief. Take that, Chica. I get a third chance.

But a hiss of pain escapes me when my back comes flush against something stiff and tall.

At first, I assume I've walked into one of the arcade machines, but my eyes barely pick up the golden arms slinking around my waist from behind.

It's not a sweet embrace or even a protective one. It's a dominant, strong one that I quickly note as a cage. He refuses to let me leave.

        "I'll save you from the monsters."

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