the voice in my head
the voice in my head blue stories

kiki7 Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
people think my poetry is a diary and I guess that's a way of putting it... (btw title is a metaphor)

the voice in my head

I never thought of it before It's funny because I used to get mad at her When she tells me she's gonna do it But my thoughts wouldn't quit

When I suddenly feel this hatred I need to stop this The voice in my head That says it's fed

Up with my grades Even after all the effort I made With all my friends I just want it all to end

But it continues Like endless tissues As I write this on binder paper Knowing I'll end up throwing it in a fire

Because of my stupid emotions How I can't control them Thinking of my mom Knowing she'll die if I'm gone

They can't be my reason Of my leaving I just want to jump into the future Where things might get better

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